Best destinations to travel to in February 2017 – Part I

February is the month of quiet vacations and competitive prices. Below is the first group of the best 10 destinations to celebrate Valentine’s Day, including romantic cities and countries full of money, beauty and fame.

A lot of travel agents in UAE offer special prices, particularly for famous cities that are usually expensive in summer. Holidays always end in February in Europe and most of the world, which makes it the less crowded month for tourist sights and attractions.

The perfect place to celebrate love and beauty | France

Average temperature: 4° C, could be more or less depending on the region

The stunning Provence region of France

Why France in February?

  • It is the best place for those who are looking for a romantic European destination. Despite the cold weather, France is always perfect for visiting throughout the year due to the diversity of tourist attractions and activities.
  • Traveling to France in winter is a smart choice in which you make the most of the competitive prices of hotels in France.

What to do?

  • Definitely you are not waiting for someone to say: Go to Paris. The city of lights and love will grab your attention once you talk about traveling to France. Enjoy a world of luxury, elegance, cultural and artistic attractions, museums and distinctive restaurants in Paris.
  • In your next visit, you may explore some French prestigious cities such as: Lyon, Bordeaux and Cannes.
  • We recommend visiting Provence region of Southeast France, including the famous city of Marseille that takes you to an unbelievable world, full of myth, magic and fascination that stretch over every bit of this city.

Important information:           

  • Take the advantage of the low prices of Hotels in France in February.
  • Expect snowfall.

End of Summer | Thailand

Average temperature: 28° C

Why Thailand in February?

  • February is the last month of the “dry season” in Thailand, which let the visitor enjoy the great weather without being disturbed by heavy rains.
  • Traveling to Thailand in winter is a good chance to enjoy warm weather, sand beaches, and golden sun.

What to do?

  • Start your journey by visiting Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, which contains many markets, sights, distinctive museums and temples that provide entertaining activities for young people and families alike.
  • Visit one of the beautiful islands with turquoise amazing water, such as Phuket Island, Koh Samui, or Koh Phangan.
  • Enjoy yourself with a visit to Khao Lak resort, which is described as a “paradise” for diving, youth adventures and water sports.

Important information:

  • Thailand is one of the most affordable tourist destinations in the world.
  • The best time to visit Thailand is between November and February.

Culture, nature and entertainment in one place | Italy

Average temperature: 9° C, could be more or less depending on the region

Why Italy in February?

  • February is the month of quiet non-crowded tourist attractions, where you can enjoy your vacation without waiting in long lines. It is also a chance to visit Italy at the lowest possible cost.
  • Italy is a romantic destination, ideal for short family holidays.

What to do?

  • There is much to do in Italy; if you prefer monuments trips you may stay in Rome, where you can visit dozens of museums and prestigious sites, as well as markets and Italian restaurants.
  • You will never find a place more beautiful than Venice and Florence for a romantic and fantastic holiday.
  • Despite the cold weather in February, it is a wonderful time to visit the stunning Lake Garda and take advantage of low hotel prices compared to the summer crowded warm months.

Important information:

  • Take advantage of Italian hotels prices in February

An Arabian loveable destination | Egypt

Average temperature: 20° C, could be more or less depending on the region

Why Egypt in February?

  • There are many beautiful sights and inland cities in Egypt, perfect to be visited in winter, due to their very high temperature in summer and their low crowdedness in winter.
  • Egypt is an affordable Arabian destination, perfect for Arab visitors, especially for families and couples.

What to do?

  • You can spend a short vacation in Cairo or Alexandria and visit the sights, museums and beautiful gardens stretch everywhere.
  • Although their beaches are not perfect for swimming, the resorts and hotels of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada are ideal for a quiet luxury vacation, and ideal for those who are looking for a convalescent holiday for few days, in which the enjoy tasty food and massages.
  • February is the best month to visit Pharaonic cities and ancient Egyptian monuments, such as Giza pyramids, Luxor and Aswan.

Important information:

  • Take advantage of the low prices of hotels in Egypt in February.
  • Egypt is an ideal tourist destination suitable for all types of vacations and budgets.

The Country of Myths and legends | Greece

Average temperature: 10° C, could be more or less depending on the region

Why Egypt in February?

  • Greece is the most beautiful place to enjoy the blue color of the sea and the warmth of the sun in Europe in winter season. Greece is also a romantic place, perfect for short trips.
  • Greece in one of the most affordable countries in Europe and in the entire world.

What to do?

  • You have a lot of fun activities, cultural attractions and nightlife in Athens and Thessaloniki.
  • In Greece, you can choose from dozens of stunning islands, where you can enjoy luxury hotels and resorts with an unforgettable view of the sea, such as Rhodes, Mykonos, Santorin and Corfu.
  • Explore the cities of ancient Crete, which is described as one of the most beautiful cities in Greece such as Aarcleo or “Heraklion”, Khanate and Rethymno.

Important information:

  • Greece is an ideal destination for adventure trips, honeymoons and short trips.
  • Expect rains in February.

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