Around the World Without Leaving London

By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent 

An adventurer has traversed the World in record time, without leaving London.

Globetrotter Lee Thompson, 32, circumnavigated the globe in 12 hours by ‘visiting’ ten countries in the capital in only half a day.

He created a video documenting his “travels” to Germany, Turkey, Russia, Thailand, India, China, the United States, Jamaica, Ghana and Lebanon.

The 32-year-old starts off by telling viewers that the following footage will show his attempt to circle the globe in a record-breaking time. We then see Lee dashing between “countries” and rubbing shoulders with “locals” from every continent.

Firstly, he sips a stein at a German beerhouse, scoffs traditional Turkish food at a family restaurant and gets whipped with twigs in a Russian banya.


Next, Lee finds his inner peace with a Thai monk, worships at an Indian temple and wanders the streets of China before refreshing with a strawberry milkshake at a US diner.


He then spends his afternoon perusing the vibrant market stalls of Jamaica and Ghana and shimmies the night away with Lebanese belly dancers – all before revealing he was actually in the Big Smoke all along.


“I wanted to show how brilliant and multi-cultural London is. I love that different cultures from all around the world are right on my doorstep,” he said.

“There were times where I felt that I was travelling, especially when the sun came out in hot countries like Thailand & India but in Russia it was raining.

“I did get stuck in traffic on the M25, though, which felt like every other day in London.”

Ex-photojournalist Lee, who lives in Brixton and is originally from Chester, set up independent travel company The Flash Pack with his girlfriend-turned-business partner Radha Vyas.

The Flash Pack has made it into the semi-final of Virgin’s Pitch to Rich competition, which gives entrepreneurs the chance to win a start-up investment from Richard Branson.

Their around-the-world trip video was made in an attempt to win votes and convince people that there is an amazing adventure to be had wherever you are – so long as you know where to go.

“Our company looks for really local, authentic travel experiences,” he said.

“Local experiences are the best part of travelling and that’s what we incorporate on every Flash Pack trip.

“We want to try and get the attention of Sir Richard Branson.”

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