Activity holiday ideas for 2015

If the Inca Trail is too passé and yoga retreats in Goa are old news, there are more novel holidays for the active holidaymaker to consider. Experimential travel start-up trip4real gives us seven ideas to try out this year, with some of their newest novel experiences.

1. Scrambling in Sierra de Guadarrama National Park

Climb the impressive granite rock formations of La Pedriza or the Penalara ridge, tailored to your skill and strength levels. A great, heart-pumping outdoor adventure just one hour from the centre of Madrid.

2. Surf kayaking in Caparica

The ideal way to get a whole body work-out during your Lisbon city break, and enjoy the waves even if you are a total beginner. Enjoy some of the best surf spots in Portugal, in a kayak!

3. Guided jogging in Paris with a local marathon runner

Burn off those baguettes with a spot of sightseeing combined with a run in some of the prettiest parts of Paris, led by marathon runner Yvain.

4. Sunrise yoga on the beach in Barcelona

Anamazing way to start your day, stretch the limbs, focus the mind and prepare for a day of exploration around buzzing Barcelona.


Rome rafting

5. Rafting on Rome’s River Tiber

Overdone it on the spaghetti? Burn off that carbonara with some exciting river rafting on the Tiber, with the help of an Italian Canoe Federation instructor. Great for upper body strength-building in particular.

6. Skating tour of Paris

Every Sunday the Association Rollers, a local skating and blading club, organise a ride around Paris. Join the local Parisian skaters in an exhilarating way to keep fit and toned, and see Paris at high speed.

7. Yoga and pilates…on a paddleboard!

Standard yoga not enough? Now you can work on your warrior pose afloat a paddleboard, for an extra challenging work-out. Join local José on the Castelldefels beach in Barcelona to try this new sport.


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