A “wine line” train linking London and Bordeaux could soon be a thing

London could soon be linked with Bordeaux by train if proposals for a so-called “wine line” route get the go-ahead.

The cross-channel train route would link the two cities in under five hours which means travellers will be able to enjoy a glass of wine by lunchtime without having to step foot near an airport.

Eurostar already offers a London to Bordeaux route, but passengers have to disembark in Paris to change train stations and have their passports checked.

The proposed route would be direct, with security and passport control taking place in Bordeaux’s St-Jean station instead.

Wendy Spinks, HS1’s commercial director, said: “With one in four British expats living in the Bordeaux Region, we have every confidence that this will be a successful and well-used route.

“Today we are demonstrating this confidence by investing in the station development necessary to make it a reality.”

The new proposed line has been made possible thanks to a recently opened high speed railway line between Tours and Bordeaux.

As Eurostar is Europe’s biggest international high speed operator it could be a shoo-in for the new route, although other providers could also be in contention.

More than one million people travelled by air between London and Bordeaux region last year, and models suggest that 20 per cent would switch to rail for a service of this distance.

The launch will follow new routes from London to Amsterdam which was launched earlier this year.

Read our full report of the journey here.


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