A Third of Brits ‘in their Room’ when Robbed on Holiday

By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent 

A third of British holiday makers who have had their hotel room robbed were iu the room when the theft took place, new research has shown.

The study showed one in ten of the 2,000 holidaymakers polled had experienced theft from their hotel rooms – and a third of victims were present when it happened.

Being asleep, in the bathroom or relaxing on the balcony were all cited as reasons that Brits end up having their belongings swiped from under their noses.

A false sense of security when in a hotel room abroad meant 45 per cent also confessed that they don’t always keep their valuables in a safe.

And though the average Brit carries a suitcase stuffed with valuables such as tablets, eReaders and designer clothing worth an astonishing £3,141 – three in ten confessed that they skip on taking out travel insurance.

The poll was commissioned by, a portable locking system that secures a door from the inside, meaning that no one can enter your room even if they have a key.

Bob Fitzjohn, the inventor of said: ‘’As a nation we are glued to our valuable items, even when it comes to taking a holiday.

‘’Electronics such as iPads and mobile phones are now seen as essentials, even when we are on the beach or around the pool.

‘’When you’re relaxed and having fun it’s easy to let your guard down when it comes to security, especially when in the apparent safety of our hotel rooms.

‘’If your belongings are worth a small fortune as this research shows, keeping the door securely locked is integral to avoid unwanted incidents. Public should also take their personal safety into consideration.’’

The research showed that many holidaying Brits have a slapdash approach to the security of their personal items, despite their high value.

Almost a third of travellers confessed to going without travel insurance when jetting off to foreign soil – while almost half of those that do don’t check what they’re covered for in case of robbery.

A haphazard 42 per cent confessed to leaving their expensive items in plain sight when staying in a hotel – including the average smartphone coming in at £249 and the typical laptop at £424.

Even make-up and toiletries alone will account for £160 worth of the average Brit’s suitcase.

When combined with the latest designer sunglasses costing £167 and new holiday clothes which total nearly £700, it’s unsurprising that nearly half of those polled said the value of their suitcase contents has greatly increased in the last 5-10 years.

But the risk isn’t taken seriously by many – as well as not using the safe when on holiday, half of adults confessed they were unaware that a hotel lock could be overridden by burglars, even when locked from the inside.

Bob Fitzjohn added: ‘’Many travellers aren’t aware of how simple it is for thieves to enter a room, even if it’s locked.

‘’The public need to be aware that hotel locks can easily be overridden.

For extra peace of mind, particularly if travelling solo, using an Easylock will go the extra mile when it comes to security.’’

Cost of a Suitcase

Clothing and accessories (including designer) £683
Shoes £191
Handbag/briefcase £203
Laptop £424
Sunglasses £167
Digital camera £257
Make-up/toiletries £160
Mobile phone £249
Tablet/iPad £282
Electrical items £241
Other items £284

Total: £3,141

EasyLock Infographic

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