A beginner’s guide to Mont Blanc

You want to ‘do’ Mont Blanc this summer but not sure where to start?

From relaxed guided family treks to longer itineraries, mountain biking and even a full-on climbing ascent, there are plenty of options to choose from. It all depends on your experience – and what you want to get out of your trip.

(NB Prices don’t include international flights)

1. The family option: Mont Blanc Family Walk from France to Italy
Starting in the Chamonix Valley, this relaxed walk ensures that all members of the family experience the spectacular trails and wonderful alpine spirit of the French and Italian Alps. Carrying only a day pack and guided along mountain trails, it provides spectacular views with overnight stays in charming alpine villages and mountain huts. Suitable for active children from age 7 and up.

2. The relaxed option: Mont Blanc Rambler
A relaxed pace walk around Mont Blanc through Italy, Switzerland and France, specially devised for walkers who like to ‘smell the roses’ en route to the next comfortable gîte. In the company of a small group, a bilingual guide and a mule to carry your gear, the walk traverses high passes, meadows brimming in alpine flowers and typical alpine villages.

3. The classic option: Mont Blanc Classic
The classic Mont Blanc route. A historic trek around the highest peak in the European Alps that takes you across passes, around enormous glaciers and via stunning lakes to take in some of the best viewpoints in the Alps.

Meadows crossed by clear melt water streams lead you downwards to green pastures where shepherds will sell their fresh Beaufort cheese to you!

4. The extended option: Tour of Mont Blanc
This self-guided, extended itinerary circumnavigates Mont Blanc and explores the surrounding alpine region. Faced with picture postcard vistas from every vantage point, this two-week trek affords unsurpassed views of the different faces of the Mont Blanc massif, as well as the highest point on the Tour of Mont Blanc, the Grand Col Ferret at 2,537m.

5. The cycling option: Mont Blanc by Bike
Calling all experienced mountain bikers not afraid of long climbs, this classic ride around Mont Blanc begins in Chamonix and continues in clockwise direction on a mix of terrains. From easy to technical single tracks and two path trails, enjoying along the way flowering alpine pastures, glacial lakes, deep valleys and high altitude passes, all under the backdrop of the European Alps’ snowy peaks.

6. The mountaineering option: Mont Blanc Ascent
Clearly visible above Chamonix, Mont Blanc is a beautiful yet challenging climb which requires determination and an excellent level of fitness. Acclimatisation and basic technical training are part of the itinerary, which is designed to allow fit and experienced walkers to appreciate the exhilaration of summiting an alpine peak, even though they may have little or no experience in alpine skills.

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