5 ways to share your travel photos

A lot of people love travelling and they also love to take photos of the sceneries of the places where they have been. When they return from their vacations, they go through all the photos on their cameras and wonder what they can do with these photos. Since you have taken those photos, why not share it with others and contribute something from your trip? Otherwise, it will be useless to just keep them on your camera storage card. The following are 5 ways you can share your travel photos.

Upload Your Travel Photos to Image Hosting Sites

The easiest way to share your travel photos is by posting them on the image hosting sites. There are a lot of image hosting sites such as Imgur, Flickr, Google Photos, and Post Image where you can upload your photos for free. Before uploading the photo, make sure you check the requirements such as file format, maximum resolution, and the maximum number of photos you can store on your account. Some image hosting sites like TinyPic will delete your photo within a certain timeframe if no one views them. Image hosting site can provide you with an embedding URL to invite people to view the photos on your album.

Share Your Travel Photos on a Social Media

Social media network is another popular place that people like to store their photos. Many people like to share their travel experience in words and then post a photo of where they visited on social media to update their fans. It is a good practice to tag your travel photos so that people who don’t know about your profile can also find them on the social media platform. Since social media is not an image hosting site, you can’t upload every photo. You simply post the best photo that can tell the story you want to your followers. You can wait until you have completed your trip to choose the best photo to post on social media.

Compile a Travel Slideshow

If you have some video editing skills, it will be a great idea to compile the photos together into a fascinating travel slideshow. You can learn how to create videos from photos with a video editor like Movavi Video Editor. It is a great way to encourage people to view all your travel photos at one time. Not everyone will have the time to click through all your photos in the online photo album.

You can get the viewers to be excited about watching the slideshow by telling a story through your travel photos. You can incorporate transitions to invoke certain emotions in the audience. For example, slow fade can add a relaxing emotion. You can also include a short movie clip of the moment you enjoy most on the trip, for example, a clip of yourself jumping down from the waterfall. You can also include animated intro and outro to make your travel slideshow appear professional. You can share your travel slideshow on YouTube or on a travel forum.

Publish the Travel Photos on Your Photo Blog

Another way to share your photos is by starting a photo blog. Photo-blog is a blog that focuses only on photos. An example of a photo-blog is Tumblr, where people mostly blog about photos. However, Tumblr is not a safe place to post your travel photos because they regularly ban accounts. If you don’t want your photos to be lost, you can start a photo-blog on a domain and hosting that you purchase yourself. Pictures are all the audience need to know what is going on with the trip. It is easy to post photos on your blog but moderation is the key. As a rule of thumb, the post just 1 – 2 travel photos a day. The photos should be posted at around the same time so that people know when to come back to your site to check the new photos.

Start a Travel Journal Blog

Starting a travel blog is the best option if you like to share your travel experience through journaling your trip. It is easy to write a travel post if you have experience writing a diary. You simply write about what you saw, heard, and done during the trip. If you quote someone in the travel post, make sure to quote their name in the reference. You can also share with your readers about any problem you encounter during the trip such as forgot passport. You can also talk about any funny misunderstandings you have with a local during the trip.

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  1. I’m not sure if you are familiar with them but there are quite a few blogs that will actually pay you to contribute especially if you are avid traveler (they can be easily googled) so they might serve as a nice stash of cash for future travel investments. Tnx for the share Jess

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