4 tips for travelling to the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are well known throughout Europe and they are listed as one of the favourite tourist destinations of Northern European travellers. Since they have to endure really adverse climates during the year, spending a few days lying on golden beaches underneath the sun sounds like a real dream. In the Canary Islands you will not only have good weather, but you’ll also be able to enjoy incredible landscapes, paradisiacal beaches, charming villages and, of course, nights of endless parties and fun. Here are five tips to travel to the Canary Islands and have a great vacation.

1 – Decide what island you’d like to visit

The best way to discover a new destination is to define a route that allows you to see all the important places you want to visit during the time of your stay. In order to do so, it is important to gather information about the destinations to be able to locate the different touristic spots on a map and trace a route that allows you to optimise the timing. This will allow you to plan the different accommodations along the route in advance.

The Canary Islands are well known by tourists worldwide because of their fantastic beaches and breathtaking landscapes, –not to mention the wonderful gastronomy, which has brought to Spanish cuisine such delicious and original dishes as “ropa vieja“, “papas arrugás” or “mojo picón”. From the majestic Teide volcano in Tenerife to the sea caves and geysers in Lanzarote, you will find a world full of contrasts and possibilities in each island: the wide and quiet beaches of Fuerteventura, the huge surf waves in Tenerife, the black beaches of volcanic sand of Lanzarote, the dunes of Gran Canaria or the small coves and natural pools found in El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera. Depending on the kind of vacation you are thinking on, you have to choose one island or another… Or try and see them all, if you have enough time!

2 – Find accomodation

Either if you decide to go to a single island or several of them, you need to find accommodation prior to your arrival. The Canary Islands are a very popular destination, so most of the hotels have no vacancy during peak season. If you are not that much into hotels, here you will find a magnificent selection of villas, with a brief explanation and description of each of them, which includes the location and the main features of the service.

If you are going to spend several days in the Canary Islands you can choose different accommodations on every island to fit the route that you have planned. In this link you can find more information about hotels in the Canary Islands.

3 – Get a cheap flight

The main transportation available to get to the Canary Islands is by airplane. However, flying to the Canary Islands in peak season may become a complicated and quite expensive task, so it is advisable to search flights well in advance and compare different options in several flight metasearch engines. There are different airports to access, but those with greater international traffic are Tenerife North, Tenerife South and the Airport of Gran Canaria.

4 – Make the best out of your holiday!

The wide range of leisure activities available in the Canary Islands is also very striking. The lively nightlife is just one of the attractions for young people, but there is also a varied cultural calendar that includes exhibitions, theatre, music and shows of all kinds. You will also find an interesting offer of water parks, zoos, camel safaris, theme parks and karting circuits, which are perfect for a vacation with kids. Plus, transportation within every island is very easy: if you rent a motorcycle, they all have an extensive number of routes which will give you the chance to enjoy wonderful landscapes, cities and towns.

If you are and adventurous traveller, you will find plenty of things to do in the Canary Islands. The terrain in Lanzarote is pockmarked by volcanic cones, giving it a hypnotic otherworldly appearance. In recent years, the island has increasingly attracted a burgeoning sport-oriented market, with runners, hikers and cyclists bolstering the already healthy board sport scene. The National Park of Garajonay, in La Gomera is also a good destination for hikers, as it offers the traveler a network of trails full of beautiful vegetation

You can also try paragliding in Tenerife to enjoy the wonderful views flying above the island; or scuba-diving in El Hierro, whose waters are considered the best in Spain for diving and swimming with different kind of fishes: bull sharks, lemon fish, eagle rays and many other species.

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