A-Z guide to Twitter success

Social media is hot right now – period. Each social media platform are falling over themselves to grab a share of the market, because finally we’re seeing better business tools and data analytics that can actually give some indication of how well business efforts are performing.

What’s happening is social media and mobile

Take Instagram for example. According to the Social Media Examiner, 48 per cent of brands are on the platform, with the figure estimated to rise to 70 per cent in 2017. Brands are taking social media very seriously because Hootsuite announced in January 2017 that mobile social media use has increased by 30 per cent year-over-year to surpass 2.5 billion users globally. Moreover, 91 per cent of those social media users access social from mobile.

The statistics basically indicate that as society becomes more mobile, we’ll frequently tap into our respective social media platforms throughout the day. It’s obvious that the real and virtual worlds are blurring into one, to which behaviour in interacting through social media is second nature. It’s part of the life fabric that the vast majority unconsciously embrace. As a business, this is a fantastic place to connect with your audience. As a social media platform, we’re now seeing the tools that help marketers justify to their bosses – social media is real business.

Twitter power to skyrocket your success

If you’re a business, take a good look at a free A-Z guide to Twitter success in getting your efforts on track. The guide provides 26 useful and practical tips in optimising your Twitter activity. Furthermore, Twitter’s business tools will also gain you better inroads to meeting your sales and marketing objectives. To help you get started I have listed three easy wins for Twitter success, and they all live inside your Twitter Analytics dashboard. Yes, you probably do have one!

  1. Discover your ‘Tweet Activity’ page

Your Twitter Activity Dashboard is you business haven; so get to know it intimately. You can find metrics for every single tweet, in addition to knowing more granular information such as its visibility, retweets, likes and replies. It essentially provides you with a whole bunch a data without leaving the platform.

  1. Discover your ‘Audience insights’ page

Get more information on your audience to discover valuable insights about your followers and who’s engaging with your organic tweets. From here, you can learn anything demographics, interests, purchasing behaviour and mobile footprint to name a few.

  1. Discover your ‘Trending events’ page

Never miss a key event that’s happening as Twitter provides insights and dates to key events that are likely to trend and generate buzz. You can even filter via categories including sporting events, movies releases and world dates to name a few. From here you can create campaigns to capitalize on these future events to help drive a specific user action to help meet objectives.

It’s evident that social media is increasingly trying to provide more insights to help businesses move forward. There’s no denying that platforms are moving towards a ‘pay-to-play’ model and therefore knowing where to unlock insights and their advertising tools is important. So do your business a favour, go ahead and take a look!

For a free download of your A-Z guide to Twitter success, grab it at http://www.unleashdigital.co.uk/twitter-success/

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