Who has the world’s best computer programmers? Hint, it’s not the US

When it comes to computer programming most people might think of tech giants Facebook, Apple, Google etc, but it seems that the US has fallen behind in the table of the best computer programmers in the world

In fact according to a study by HackerRank China has the best developers followed by Russia. They based their study on the accuracy and speed of 1.5 million developers across the globe.

HackerRank is a free coding practice website allowing developers to practice their coding skills by solving various challenges



While America and India have the most participants who access the website, both countries put up disappointing numbers in the overall table. The U.S. came in at 28th, while India was trailed behind them back in 31st.

Interestingly Poland came third and Hungary came fifth, and the Czech Republic in ninth, which is a strong showing for Eastern European European states. Additionally just outside of the top ten came the Ukraine in eleventh and Bulgaria in twelfth.

The UK came a disappointing 27th in the list, even though the Government has pushed the “silicon roundabout” around Old Street tube station, which was supposed to be able to compete Silicon Valley in California.

Also the number of graduate job opportunities in the UK has decreased overall this year, but IT roles for University leavers have actually increased, it is yet to be seen if Britain has the programming talent to fill these crucially important roles as our economy aims to move itself into the hi-tech sector.


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