Watch – Petrolhead designs Britain’s first jet powered mobility scooter

A petrolhead has designed Britain’s first jet-powered mobility scooter – which has a top speed of 126mph. The scooter was built by mechanical engineer Tom Bagnall, 25, at a cost of £3,500.

The unique vehicle has been kitted out with a home-built jet engine, a turbocharger from a large truck and bespoke custom-made combustion chamber.

It has been a labour of love for Tom Bagnall, from Cheadle, Staffs., who has been working on the CareCo scooter for more than three years.

The mobility scooter has competed in demo runs at Santa Pod Raceway and the Shakespeare County Raceway.

Tom said: “We had a few issues with the oil pressure and getting the right amount of voltage – it was a bit of a nightmare really but we got there in the end.

“Effectively, it’s a home-built jet engine. It’s a turbo charge from a large truck with a bespoke custom-made combustion chamber.

“There is a working afterburner on the engine which is what makes most of the power and noise.

“There are two fuel pumps, one oil pump and two igniter boxes.”

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