Understanding User Preferences

When it comes to the AV industry and collaborating on a global scale, what the user wants is very important. When looking to what technologies to develop keeping the user in mind is essential to keeping people engaged. It’s all great having new technology that can do great things, but if it’s difficult and clunky to use, nobody will.

Kinly understand that the user is the focal point in the AV industry and aim to understand the user and their work before talking about the technology aspect.

Activity-Based Workplace

Usually in the workplace and standard meeting rooms you go in and fit your work process into the room itself. Kinly aims to achieve a space where there’s different workspaces that are optimised for different types of activity.

This doesn’t just include the technology itself being adapted to the user and their specific work, it’s the room and everything within it. Collaboration consultant Magnus Lervag explains in the March edition of Installation Magazine, “It’s not only the technologies, how the room is built, furniture, chairs and everything. What are the stand-up activities? Is it something you want to do for a long time or a short period? Is it something that needs high focus? Should you be with people or alone?”

These are all taken into consideration when making these activity-based workplace, ensuring that when you enter that room you don’t feel like you’re fighting it to get your job done. If a global business had these activity-based workplaces then they’d see a huge increase in efficiency among their workforce, without them awkwardly trying to complete their work in a single room made for a single purpose.  

Simple and Intuitive

The key point that Kinly put across is that users must find it simple and intuitive to really use it effectively. If the user is fighting the technology from the offset then it’s setup for failure as eventually something will go wrong, getting ahead of that is vital to a successful business. Losing user confidence in the technology and efficiency levels will drop, especially if they’re forced to use it day to day.

Lervag notes on this, stating “It should be easy, they should not be aware that it’s technology or equipment or hardware that’s dong this, it should feel natural. We work a lot on that.” Users don’t want to have to keep up with constant updates in the AV technology world or having to read a manual on how to collaborate. Giving the user a way of just walking into the room and getting on with their work will result in work getting completed much faster.

Usability should be at the core of your business, whether it’s for your clients or for your workforce, nobody should be fighting to do their job. Look into ways of improving the workplace by getting in touch with a industry leader, such as Kinly!

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