Understanding the Go Transcript App for Android users

Technological advancements have allowed mobile operating systems to support more features. Android users can now download an easy to use transcription app on their mobile devices. This mobile app from Gotranscript.com transcription services helps users record their notes, things to do, thoughts, or reminders on their mobile devices. The App is the perfect solution for college students who have numerous lectures and limited time to take notes. Journalists can also use this app to convert various audio files into written text.

Specifications of the Mobile Transcription App

The transcription app allows users to utilize the pause button preference settings to allocate different programs to the pause button. These can include pushing and rewinding an audio file a few seconds back to allow users to listen more clearly. This saves the users the inconvenience of rewinding audio files manually hence accelerating the transcription process.

The Go transcript app comes with an MP3 recorder to enable users to record good quality audio files, save, and share them with friends through cloud. In addition, the audio files do not take a lot of space as the app compresses them to a smaller file.

Users can directly access the Dropbox, select an audio file, download and listen to it on the transcription app. Files that are downloaded from Dropbox are usually saved on the mobile device in the list of recordings.



The player comes with a pause button. Users can utilize the button settings to program the pause button in order to enable them to rewind audio files fast and easily.

It gives users an easy access to the mobile device’s storage memory to enable them to listen to downloaded audio files.

Users can play back any section of an audio file.

The player allows users to stream videos directly from the internet. Users can also listen to audio files in the Dropbox folder without necessarily having to download them.

Voice Recorder

The voice recorder allows users to record good quality audio files in MP3 format. It also comes with a file compressing feature to accommodate more files in the mobile device. The notification option on this feature alerts users when a recording starts. Users can pause and name the audio file after completion.

An audio files list

The app arranges audio files chronologically beginning with the last recording. Every file includes the file name and other details such as duration of the file, date of recording, and size of the file. Users are able to share and delete unwanted audio files.


The app comes with an inbuilt editor. This helps in proofreading the transcript to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors.


Android mobile device users can access this app free of charge. However, the free version includes adverts. The Go transcript app for android users is also available in a paid for Pro version. This version does not include apps and comes with an automatic update option. These features enable users to enjoy convenience and efficiency from the comfort of their mobile devices.

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