UltraTecno leads the ultrasound cleaning sector

Ultrasounds are usually reserved for the NHS and the health services, when you are having a scan for a baby, for example. However, the latest technology sees ultrasound waves used in cleaning equipment at UltraTecno – a leading ultrasound cleaning company that has revolutionised the cleaning sector. It’s a surreal, but enticing concept.

Based in Spain, UltraTecno concentrates on the development and distribution of ultrasound machinery intended to provide cleaning and degreasing services of every type of industrial part.

Looking like largescale stainless-steel twin tubs, the cleaners are designed in four categories – ACM Series (with a lift), ICM Series (with no lift), multistage or printing rollers. UltraTecno has developed the following three main technologies: the cleaning of wine barrels, defoaming and viscosity reduction (viscosity is the state of being thick, sticky, and semi-fluid in consistency, due to internal friction). UltraTecno devices clean sticky residue on equipment by using ultrasonic soundwaves that work at frequencies from 20 kHz up to several gigahertz.

UltraTecno utilises ultrasonic cleaner frequency –  the implementation of these high-power ultrasonic cleaning techniques in each one of the cleaning systems.  No other method used until now uses a high-power ultrasonic machine which never damages the product, saves on energy consumption, and does away with the need for chemical components and artificial additives – an important motivation for large wineries who need to preserve taste and be safe to use for people drinking wine.

Moreover, the high-frequency ultrasonic cleaner system is compact and provides high work performance for years. Ultrasonic cleaning uses ‘cavitation bubbles’ brought by high frequency pressure, so that ultrasonic cleaner frequency has a direct impact on the strength of the cleaning. One of the greatest tools of ultrasonic cleaning is big engine block ultrasonic cleaning.

The reason UltraTecno is one of the leading suppliers in the business is because of its range. It deals with aluminum ultrasonic cleaners, die cleaning, digital ultrasonic cleaning, heated ultrasonic cleaning, stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic brass cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning baskets.

The scope goes on: Ultrasonic tank cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning transducers, ultrasonic parts cleaning, ultrasonic washers, injection molds, ship maintenance. UltraTecno is also an ultrasonic cleaning manufacturer, deals with ultrasonic machines and industrial ultrasonic cleaning.

In terms of its high-powered cleaning, the cleansing of wine barrels is one of complete disinfection, including the removal of Brettanomyces (a yeast associated with and named after, the Senne valley near Brussels, Belgium, considered a wine defect). The process of high-powered cleaning takes place in the winery, and only water is used to clean the barrels.

Also, with defoaming, the immediate foam removal in packaging processes without modifying the packaging line and process is adhered to. Defoaming can involve the cleaning of up to 2.000 units per hour and uses headers for inside-tank installing.

Finally, viscosity reduction involves increased performance and reduces energy costs in spray drying tunnels, without altering the product. It is very appropriate for the food industry.

Ultrasonic generators are ground-breaking. They are used to convert sound into electricity and are often used as a ‘back-up’ system. To have a sonic back-up system is very easy to maintain and keep – there’s no need to charge the same as other generators as the sound creates the energy in the back-up storage.

Ultrasonic cleaners normally last between three and six minutes, but can also exceed 20 minutes, depending on the object to be cleaned. The cleaners on sale locally are offered to clean items of all descriptions including jewellery, eyeglasses, dentures, coins and more. They tend to be smaller machines. UltraTecno is one of the only ultrasounds cleaners that deals directly with manufacturers. Many products on sale are for household use and individual use. However, UltraTecno is an ultrasonic cleaning company with a difference. The company deals largely with large enterprises particularly in the beverage industry, cleaning equipment in factories that deal with alcohol and preparing them safely for future use.

UltraTecno also deals with printing cleaning, regardless of the quality and printing inks used, It provides a cleaning solution that lessens ink consumption and its internal rejections for quality. UltraTecno also specialises in the cleaning of anilox cylinders, and all types of printing tools and rollers, as the detergent solution is focused on the specific softness required by each type of material.

Digital ultrasonic cleaners are different to traditional industrial cleaning methods, and can also will tune-up components, guaranteeing their optimal performance.

The cavitation cleaning system gives the opportunity to select among a range of programs; ultrasonic digital cleaning systems are ideal for every type of tools and material of shipping, aeronautics, railway and the food industry. This makes them very versatile indeed, for it can  cover lots and lots of parts. The systems are easy to use and do not need the supervision of an operator.  You merely select the program, put your components in the stainless-steel barrels and dip them. The elutriation tank will allow you to easily dissolve all the dirt eliminated afterwards. Ultrasound cleaners really are the new wave in cleaning technology.

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