Transparent Crystal Skin for your iPhone

How To Take Care Of Your New iPhone 6 Case Transparent Skin – Scratch-Proof Crystal

Are you looking for screen protectors for your iPhone 6? You might want to read this article.

Of all the cases for your protectors, many prefer to use transparent skin case because it looks invisible in touch and sight. While it provides maximum protection for your iPhone 6, your cases should also be compensated with proper measures on how to use it. Here are tips on how to ideally use your scratch-free iPhone 6 clear case:

How to take care of your iPhone 6 Case transparent case?

  1. Do not use blunt wedge in peeling your case.
  2. Use your fingernails in removing the case.
  3. You can use a guitar pick or a credit card in plying off the case.
  4. Be careful from strong liquid. Transparent cases for your iPhone six are not ideally resistant to liquids.
  5. If your iPhone 6 thin cases got wet, peel them off from your phone for a while and let it dry.
  6. Keep off from specs of dirt. They are not perfectly non-porous.
  7. Be careful in handling your phone. Drop not only damages the case but as well as your phone.
  8. Don’t peel it off often. It may weaken the compact of the material composition lessening its efficiency.
  9. Keep it off from blunt objects. As much as possible, do not place your phone nearby sharp and blunt objects. 

How to peel off?

When peeling the case off, have the belt clip removed from your iPhone 6. There are also times where in you need to twist off some of the clips. Trace the edge of the iPhone 6 protective case which serves as the connecting point of the two parts. Slip a wedge (pry tool) and slowly ply it apart. Just slide or twist the tool.

To whom is iPhone 6 Case transparent case recommended for?

It is ideally for people who are looking for maximum protection for their iPhone 6. Not only it makes the design simpler because it is transparent but it also provides extra protection when accidentally dropped off. Also, the scratch-free design makes it more ideal for those who are rigorous in using iPhone 6. Unlike other cases, transparent skin protection case for iPhone 6 will not also slip from your hands. 

Can you take pictures without peeling off the iPhone clear case?

Definitely yes! This is because of the hole intended for the camera.

For quality IPhone 6 Case transparent case, buy from a trusted online website to avoid scams. IPhone 6 Case Transparent Skin – Scratch-proof Crystal is indeed a perfect case for your precious iPhone6.

Final Thoughts

iPhone 6 Case transparent case is indeed a perfect case for your precious iPhone6. Now that you are aware that it is more worthy for your phone compared to other protective case, you might now be on the lookout of the best stores in the marketplace.

Safeguard your investment with high-quality protective case. It won’t let feel disappointed.


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