Top innovations in operator technology

When it comes to garage and entrance door operators, there are some great ways to add comfort and safety to your set-up. As well as needing a garage door or entrance gate that looks exquisite, it is important that new innovations are being developed constantly to make them an essential piece of equipment for the home also. Luckily, the technology in this area has come on a long way in recent times as the cutting-edge operators you can buy now prove.

In terms of operator technology, one of the best new pieces of technology is the fast Supramatic garage door operator. This fantastic device will open your door 50% quicker than other standard operators and enable you to access your garage without leaving the vehicle. Part of the range of Hormann door operators that include the ProMatic and ProMatic Akku, it will allow you to open your garage door with the click of a button and without getting wet if the weather is bad. This extra speed also allows you to gain entry to your garage quickly for added safety.

Another great feature of the Supramatic operator is the non-contact photo cell that comes as standard inside the device. This unique feature makes sure that the garage door will stop closing or opening if it encounters any kind of obstacle. Obviously, this is of great benefit if children are around as it stops any potential accidents before they happen.

If it is solutions to entrance gate issues you require, then the Hormann entrance gate operators are a great choice. Don’t worry if you have an existing gate already – our innovative operators can be retrofitted to enable you to use them with no fuss. As with our superb garage door operators, these work via remote control and at the push of a button on the handset. This is a real bonus when you get home from a busy day at work and just want to open the gate quickly to get inside.

A soft start/stop mechanism means that the entrance gate will always open smoothly to prolong its life and avoid any scrapes. This can be integrated simply into a safety key switch post and placed near your gate to monitor the traffic flow in and out. The other benefit of this quiet mechanism is that your neighbours will not be disturbed by any noise when the gate is in operation. In addition, the non-contact cell included will detect any obstacles when opening or closing and stop right away. This kind of safety feature is something we’re proud of and makes this product stand out when compared to others.

The material our top-class gate operators are made from ensures that they will give years of reliable use and work when you need them too. The weather-resistant materials and durable construction ensure years of service and a long product lifespan. If you live in a cold climate, then the Rotomatic entrance gate operator is a brilliant new product in our range. The integral heating means that it will always stay warm to avoid freezing up or any operational issues due to the cold being avoided.

Of course, all the garage and entrance door operators we offer have been fully tested and certified to make sure they meet the required standards. The innovative operator technology products within our range will mean you get a superb mix of comfort, safety and functionality when they are installed. Make sure you never have to get out of your car to open the gate or garage door again with a Hormann operator!

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