There’s now a fertility app for couples struggling to conceive that counts sperm 

And no it isn’t a porn one.

Couples struggling to conceive can now check their fertility rate by using a canny new mobile app – that counts sperm.

The YO home male fertility kit uses a free smartphone app to test the quality semen within minutes – using a plug-in microscope.

Couples can view and measure the number of moving sperm in the sample – which is key in finding out how fertile they are.

Users can also ‘analyse the swimmers in action’ by stretching the screen to zoom in and enlarge their size.

Couples wanting to make changes to their lifestyle to improve their health and fertility potential can also track improvements in sperm overtime using the new YO SCORE feature.

It is hoped the new technology, which is the first of its kind to be approved by the FDA, could also be used by clinicians and physicians to engage reluctant men in the fertility assessment process.

A YO spokesperson said: “Testing his swimmers and seeing them in action is easier now than ever.

“With sperm counts falling by over 50 per cent in the last 40 years coupled with the knowledge that men contribute equally to infertility, YO offers a way to track sperm improvement over time by following your individual YO SCORE.

“The YO team is very concerned about global infertility.

“We hear from users that YO has successfully helped them to identify potential male problems and seek professional intervention and we’re sincerely happy about this outcome.”

To run the test, a sperm sample is placed into a collection cup, mixed with a liquefying powder and left for ten minutes.

Couples can then take the YO sperm Trivia challenge test while they wait, before using a pipette to inject the sample into a slide provided.

The slide is inserted into the YO device which is connected to a smartphone – where the free YO app calculates the man’s fertility rate within minutes.

Scientists at the Cleveland Clinic tested the accuracy and performance of YO and its YO SCORE and found an overall accuracy of almost 98 per cent.

A spokesperson said: “The results demonstrate accuracy above 97 per cent for both the YO iPhone and YO Galaxy.

“The reporting or normal and abnormal test results provide men with an early warning of a potential underlying fertility issue.

“This can serve as a motivation for men seeking medical intervention at an earlier stage and therefore greatly improve patient satisfaction, clinical efficiency, and management.

“Wide usage of such home sperm testing may be of potential interest for clinicians and physicians to engage reluctant men in the fertility assessment process.”

YO kits cost around £50 and are now available in the UK, the US, Canada, India and Israel.

The kits cost come with disposable supplies for two sperm tests including collection cups, testing slides, liquefying powder, plastic pipettes and a YO testing device.

By Ben Gelblum and Laura Sharman

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