What is the best way to learn SEO?

Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be a confusing task: there is no one way to do it. Due to the fast-paced nature of technology, the ins and outs of optimizing your content might also change over time. For this reason, it is important to maintain an open-minded and diverse attitude when learning about SEO. It’s critical to be flexible and understand that SEO will continue to evolve. In other words, if you get stuck in a single formula, your content’s SEO may become outdated very soon.

The first thing to understand about SEO is: why do you need it? Search Engine Optimisation allows you to make your content easier to index and discover through web search engine platforms, such as Google, the most popular of all. This is particularly valuable for anyone looking to increase the reach of their content, including businesses promoting their products/services to blog posts, for example.

There are many ways to go about learning SEO. Keep reading to find out more about the different paths at your disposal and pick the right method for you based on your style and personal preferences.

Self-taught SEO (With the help of books, blogs and other content)

Learning about SEO on your own is possible. There are many incredible online resources dedicated to free SEO education, including tutorials on YouTube, blog articles, books and other instructional materials. There is no end to the amount you can study, and you can keep soaking in more and more information. It’s like a class, that never ends and will keep feeding you with a wealth of information. You can also choose the learning materials that feel more suitable to you, therefore customising the learning process according to your personal preferences.

On the other hand, there are some downfalls to studying on your own. If you want to learn SEO as a self-taught student, you are going to need to be disciplined. As you can imagine, learning anything might require an investment in terms of time. You can’t expect to just watch a tutorial video and learn all about SEO. You need to invest hours, days, week or even months into it, and for some people, self-structuring their own learning schedule might be a challenge.

Another downside of studying on your own is that if you have any doubts or questions, you wouldn’t have a tutor, or a teacher, to talk to. If you are the kind of student who loves the engagement of connecting with a teacher, studying on your own might not be your best bet or the most comfortable setting. You may also find that the material may be out of date by the time you come to read or watch it.

A self-taught SEO education can be much cheaper than classes or online courses. This is a great option for people on a tighter budget, and willing to put an extra effort in learning something that can easily take their career or business to the next level.

Learning SEO through online courses and/or online seminars

Online courses are increasingly popular, because they are similar to classes, but offer a wider array of perks, including being able to study from the comfort of a familiar environment (i.e. your home). Another significant benefit of studying online is that you can enjoy the flexibility of learning SEO around your schedule.

In most cases, online courses have convenient timing and more importantly, they don’t require any traveling. This is a particularly good solution for people who are busy running their business or need to tend to their family.

As a student learning through online courses, you can also tailor your studies to what you need to learn and take the lessons at your own pace. There are online courses that cater to range of budgets: differing in length, content, and expertise. If you are just dipping your toe into the SEO world, there are a range of free YouTube tutorials and online forums to get better acquainted with it. There are courses, programs, and groups to suit all budgets and time schedules.

Learning SEO by attending group classes  

As SEO becomes more popular and widespread, there are more and more educational institutions that are focusing on it. Thankfully, there are many new SEO classes and communities emerging all around the world. There are a range of incentives with joining with an educational facility. First, meeting on a regular basis will keep you more engaged and committed to learning about SEO. Secondly, meeting other like-minded individuals will provide you with a community with which to study and discuss your lessons. There is a significant amount of research that suggests people learn better with a mixture of listening, reading, and explaining to other people. By joining a supportive and positive study group, you can consolidate what you are learning about SEO through discussion and practice.

Private 1-to-1 SEO training

If you are looking to use SEO for your small business, company, or to add to your CV, it may be a good idea to invest in private one-to-one SEO training. There are experienced teachers who provide a one-on-one service either face-to-face or online through Skype or Facetime sessions. One-to-one tuition is an effective way to receive focused instruction on SEO from a professional in the field. A great benefit of a tutor is that you can pay for a single class to focus on something specific or pay for weekly sessions. Custom classes are beneficial for people who have been learning about SEO and require an expert to help them to gain more knowledge and understanding.  

When you’re searching for a mentor or tutor, do some research on SEO forums and websites to find out about other people’s experiences and their recommendations. Finding the right tutor can set you up in the best way possible for your future SEO endeavors.

In conclusion, there are many great ways to learn SEO, and they are all valid. It is all down to your particular preference. Some methods and approaches work better for some people, while other students prefer to earn their knowledge in different ways.

Regardless of whether you decide to learn SEO on your own, or if you prefer to study with an online course or an actual class, you will benefit greatly from your SEO knowledge!

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