What are the Mini Programs and their benefits?

Mini Programs are extensions of the WeChat app that allow merchants/developers to access any web application within the WeChat browser.

A closer look at WeChat and their Mini Programs

WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose social media, messaging and mobile payment app. The App was introduced in 2011, and by 2018, it was the leading standalone mobile app worldwide, with 1 billion monthly active users.

Forbes describes WeChat as one of the most powerful apps globally; for others, it is China’s “super app” and “app for everything” because of its wide-ranging platforms and functions.

WeChat is a notable brand in China, with more than 900 million active users in a day; as it is, it’s amongst the most important platforms in the country. In 2017, the company launched the Mini Programs, which are sub-applications within the main app. These sub-apps offer advanced features like coupons, task management, and e-Commerce to its users to enhance their experience.

Some examples of the WeChat Mini Programs include Hangzhou Plus – HZPlus, Tencent Surveys – (腾讯投票), Mobike – (摩拜单车), Chelaile Bus Time Checker (来了), Sleepy Sounds – (小睡眠) and McDonald’s Discount Coupons – (麦当劳优惠券).

What’s in it for businesses?

Since WeChat dominates the Chinese market, it’s Mini Programs will become an essential strategy for businesses and firms that are keen on creating their presence in the country. This is also true for Western investors and companies that want to penetrate into the Chinese market. By understanding the needs of the consumers in China, businesses can access consumers and direct laser focused campaigns via the Mini Programs.

Other than dominance, the app also presents other incredible benefits to businesses:

Low cost

Business people are always on the lookout for the easiest, yet the most affordable way to reach their clients. Mini Programs offer a great deal not only because they are affordable, but also for their user-friendliness. Besides, the app also allows companies to accumulate an initial group of users, who are instrumental in giving feedback on products and services which is necessary for improvement.

Huge social sales

The new ecosystems that result from the Mini Programs enable companies to multiple touch points throughout the WeChat app and further increase their connection. These relationships are ideal because they often lead to increased sales, referrals and brand growth.

High conversion rate

According to Sue Po, their newly launched WeChat Mini Program got over 20,000 page-views within the first hour of the launch, and 30,000+ views after promoting an article. Interestingly, they had 200 unique clients make a purchase. They leveraged the fact that the WeChat platform has an incredible amount of users to aggressively market themselves to increase their conversion rates.

WeChat and their Mini Programs provide a great opportunity for digital platforms to thrive. It’s easy for the businesses to open an account on the app and set up their e-commerce site as a marketing strategy. They can also work with top companies, like QPSOFTWARE to set up their WeChat store, because these experts will handle all the technical requirements, matching the design to branding, along with the development and promotion of the store

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