Voyage Privé App Review: find the best travel deals from your smartphone

Plenty of other holiday websites offer flash sales, but Voyage Privé is trying to offer something different: handpicked getaways of a more upmarket nature than their competitors. Thanks to apps like Voyage Privé, traveling is not as expensive as it is used to be, and it is also easier to book a room anywhere in the world within a few minutes. All you need is your smartphone and Internet access.

What is Voyage Privé?

Voyage Privé is a members-only luxury travel club in which you can find travel sales for unforgettable getaways around the world. In their app, they offer a luxurious selection of flash sales’ available up to two weeks –each offer will show how many days are left, but you can also choose among any of their permanent offers such as city breaks, skiing getaways, gorgeous beach destinations or rural retreats. Plus, they offer Air Travel Organiser’s Licence protection and customer care for all members.

All the offers are arranged by Voyage Privé’s well defined team of travel experts who do all the research work in order to guarantee exclusive offers and make sure you get the best deals and discounts. They research among the best hotels and resorts worldwide, and then each week Voyage Privé’s members receive a newsletter containing the best and most inspirational offers at the best rates available, with discounts of up to 80%.

Voyage Privé’s unique flash sales concept started in France a few years ago, and they have been growing ever since. They have offices  now in France, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, and also over 31 million members worldwide.

How does the app work?

Voyage Privé is optimized both for Android and iPhone. The current Android version is  4.6.10 and it was last updated in 10/10/2018. Since its launching in 2012 it has been downloaded over 1.000.000 times, and the amount of internal space needed to install the app depends on the device.

First thing you find when you open the app is a “Welcome” screen slider with beautiful pictures explaining how Voyage Privé works and the kind of destinations and deals can you expect to find inside –european cities, exotic oveseas destinations. To be able to see the offers available on the app, you need to join in and become a member. You can either register your email and a password, or you can sign up with Facebook. Membership does have its privileges, and those privileges are exclusive offers on quality breaks for the price of an email address.

Once you sing up, you can finally navigate the app, which is easy and intuitive. The design is attractive, and the app loads well and works fast. The cover photo changes to a different heavenly and evocative destination every day. Just below it, there is a search bar where you can enter the name of the city or country of your choice to see if there is a specific offer available.

Another option to find a deal is to scroll down through the flash sales – there are around 100 of them, offering different destinations such as Canary Islands, Maldivas, Panama, or China. Each of the offers shows a small timer-clock in the lower left corner that tells you how much time is left for the offer to expire, and to the right you will see the discount applied to that offer (up to 80% maximum), or if the offer is exclusive. You can choose to sort these flash sales by “Recommended” (default), “Newest”, or “Coming Soon”.

The booking process is simple: you click on the flash sale you like, then choose the date and airport of departure airport and the number of participants, insert the personal and payment information, and the purchase is done. Each step shows a phone number where you can call if you have any problems during the process.

If you want to save some of the flash sales to locate them easily later, you can do so by making them your “Favourite”, and you’ll find them all in the  “Favourites” section -love button of the menu bar on the upper right side of the app. Right besides it, there is also a drop down menu where you can find a lot more options: from creating an alert to be the first to know about an offer for the city or date of your choice, to changing the settings of the newsletter subscription or inviting a friend with a link to get a 10€ discount.

Since Voyage Prive makes it very simple to find cheap trips, it is undoubtedly an option to take into account when planning your vacations. So if you are already thinking about your next holidays, download it and try it yourself. You won’t regret it.

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