Trending & Successful for your Business Growth right now: Explainer Videos

A new product, service or any kind of business requires a good promotional strategy to stand out and compete in the market. Even if the product or service is very good and effective for people in their day to day life, if it doesn’t reach to the targeted audience, it is useless.

An edge-cutting marketing strategy is explainer videos. Explainer videos can be used as marketing videos which are short and simple to describe any product or service. These videos help the targeted audience to understand the basic features you want to communicate and benefits of these.

simpleshow is one of the leading explainer video creators on the market. The service offers all kind of formats that are suitable for any objective whilst making the videos unique and perfectly adapted to any business’ needs.

There are different kinds of explainer videos depending upon the type of product, service and targeted audience. The whiteboard videos are more popular, easy to operate and cost-effective. simpleshow offers variety of format according to the content for these explainer videos such as wheel, hand, kinetic and premium.

In whiteboard explainer videos, hands present the animation part and the illustrations are displayed and erased on the whiteboard. It is a very popular explainer video type. At simpleshow, this category is under the explainer video section as “simpleshow hand”.

The reasons why a business needs to start using this kind of videos are as follows:

1.Promotion of brands using explainer videos

According to a report by HubSpot, around 80% of the customers can recall the video which they have viewed one month ago. The videos are highly auditory and visual, which are the strengths of explainer videos. If a customer remembers the video, he/she will easily recall the brand, product or service. Sales increase and brand promotion is done.

2. Website SEO is boosted by explainer whiteboard videos

A number of people visit marketer’s website after watching its explainer videos. It is quite clear that relevant and quality explainer videos can drastically improve the website’s SEO by attracting customers to the page. A report given by HubSpot says that 39% of decision-makers get in touch with the marketer after watching the explainer video.

3. Explainer videos work on all devices

Today, smartphones and tablets have made marketing very easy. Through apps or compatible browsers, the potential customer can watch these explainer videos smoothly and conveniently.

4. Strengthening of product’s and service’s message

Explainer videos enhance the message of the product and service. Through simple and easy images and audios, the product and service can be promoted.

5. A chain reaction of sharing

Today, the majority of people use smartphones. If they like the content of the video, they share it among family and friends. When a nice explainer videos are shared with a person, it is highly probable that it would be shared again and then again. This is how it works, right? Once a video is gone viral, the corresponding product sales are sky rocketed.

Thanks to the features and advantages of whiteboard explainer videos, sales get a boost. It’s easier to achieve the above benefits with explainer videos if you get a professional agency like simpleshow to help to create the videos for your company.

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