Travel Applications to Download When Leaving London

If you are planning a holiday out of the city or perhaps you are touring the foreign lands of the world, you will need to ensure you are fully equipped to take on adventure and enjoy your trip without any hiccups. For those travelling far out of London, you may want to look into downloading some applications to your mobile device to take with you. After some free advice from our travelling companions, we have learned which apps are essential for entertainment purposes and necessity to simplify your long journey ahead. Check out what the top rated apps are and get familiar with them before your trip out of London commences.

Online Casino Games

This is a fun online activity used for entertainment purposes. Avoid those long trips from the tube to the airport by killing time making money and having fun. Try some casino games for real cash or for fun when you play through your internets browser and take the excitement with you when you leave the city. Online casino games have become increasingly popular and if you download or play from your phone, you too may begin to see why.

Kindle / eBooks

If you don’t own a kindle you can always make use of eBooks which allows you to download some of your favourite authors writing to your mobile, iPad, tablet or other portable device, granting you instant access to hours of entertainment whilst waiting for time to pass.


Designed specifically for iPhone users, this mobile application allows you to translate sentences into a foreign language. If you are travelling abroad, this app is ideal to have especially if you are visiting a foreign country which speaks a different unknown language and if you are travelling alone as you wouldn’t want to get lost.

Google Maps

Google Maps not only directs you to your destination on foot or via transportation but its new features bring up placed nearby. You can search for AirBnb’s, restaurants, activities and more through this application and Google Maps will remember your search history.


This smart application requests you to enter your travel destination and will then compile a list of items to pack weather dependant on the travel dates you have selected. The application will ask you specific questions like which activities you are planning to do, where you are staying and what your preferences are, it will then compile a pack list for you to follow which takes all the hassle of doing the research yourself. The list is adjustable and items can be added or removed to ensure you pack in the most accurate fashion.

No matter where you are travelling in the world, these applications can be take with you. Give yourself the best vacation experience and go prepared. Don’t forget to pack in your camera and maybe even download a picture app where you can edit and keep your friends up to date with the journey of your travels abroad or just out of the city!

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