Things to expect from the UK software development market sector

It  seems like the IT sector in UK is growing  up to 2.6 times faster than the country’s overall economy, and while certain fears come into discussion due to the entire Brexit scenario, London still remains the second most connected place for tech on a global scale, right after US’ Silicon Valley. Among the branches that stand out in the IT industry, software development is what draws most attention and interest, due to its critical role in business affairs. From operating systems and applications to custom software, UK has embraced all concepts revolving around the matter, and new promising prospects might make their way into the country’s IT market in upcoming years. 

The majority of SME will start working with appropriate software tools 

While all the big enterprises in the UK have already implemented adequate tech tools for a while now, in order to optimise their processes, considering how much technology has evolved and the digitalisation of consumerism, small and medium-sized enterprises have also started to direct their attention towards the right digital tools. The local software development market sector has expanded its reach lately, starting to be accessed by companies with limited requirements, and not only organisations with extensive and complex in-house processes. More local entrepreneurs have acknowledged the relevance of utilising technology to maintain productivity at peak levels and obtain a competitive advantage as well as a success boost in their field of practice. From family-owned businesses to medium-sized retail companies, the majority of enterprises are now using some sort of software technology. The fact that SME are starting to actually acknowledge the current tech trends and how these can impact their position in the industry can only lead to positive things for both these businesses and their customers. 

Bespoke software products are increasing in popularity 

Off the shelf software products have been around for quite some time, and a wide range of organisations are currently resorting to them on a regular basis. However, thanks to the advancements that have been made in this tech sector over the years, custom options are now more accessible. Bespoke software tools have become the preferred choice here. Considering each company has its own particularities and specific processes, having their demands fully covered by a generally designed software product isn’t always possible, so an investment in custom services can be a wise choice to make. More UK-based companies are beginning to hire companies for proper enterprise software development services and creating products that are designed exclusively for their in-house needs and requirements. There are quite a few strong advantages that are determining organisations to choose the tailored-made alternative instead of the standard off the shelf option

  • Features and characteristics – custom software can contain solely the characteristics a said company demands, nothing more and nothing less. This will not only ensure proper optimisation and simple integration but a reduced learning time and usability efficiency. 
  • Control – changes can be implemented over time. When business demands increase or change, bespoke software can be further customised to suit new in-house needs. Companies have a better control of their technology this way. 
  • Costs are kept to minimum – organisations aren’t obligated to pay for features that they don’t need. A bespoke software product can often be the more affordable alternative. Costs of repetitive tasks can be minimised as well through efficient automation 
  • Minimised disruptions – errors are less likely to occur when customisation is ensured. Software developers work on creating an appropriate format, one that minimises downtime and service interruptions. 
  • Embracing brand identity – through bespoke options, enterprises can embrace brand identity and white labelling opportunities. 

Overseas software buyers are relying on UK-based companies 

It’s not new information that the tech sector in the UK has certainly benefited from impressive popularity, but it seems like more countries around the globe are starting to acknowledge the actual powerful position of the UK here and are resorting to its tech industry for their own needs and demands. Considering UK’s wealth of software development companies, the range of overseas buyers has increased tremendously and is said to continue expanding. The quality software developers in the UK provide is the main reason why international organisations are outsourcing their software development services here. 

The industry encompasses a wide variety of sub-sectors 

Software companies in the UK fall within various categories. The main sub-sectors that these enterprises operate in remain the following: engineering design, gang and entertainment, cybersecurity, trading and finance, process automation and of course, mobile application. It’s still unclear whether other sub-sectors will arise, but the demands in these current categories are certainly at peak levels at the time. Process automation is probably the largest subsector at the moment, and it’s understandable why, considering the large number of business processes and how much enterprises are in need of a digital structural shift. 

Industry revenue is expected to grow 

Industry revenue is a topic that has made quite a fuss among tech enthusiasts lately. One does not need to do much research to notice the potential of the UK’s software development sector and the high likelihood of revenue growth expected in future years. There is a multitude of unlisted AI and software companies that are said to list in the future and to provide impressive gains, following the example of the already well-known Blue Prism and Sophos. Fast-growing private software companies have taken the spotlight, and the innovation they are bringing into the industry cannot be overlooked. One can say that the UK stands among the countries that have made the most out of tech resources.

Software products have become essential for industries, and today, it can seem impossible to imagine a successful business model without a well-built and properly implemented software tool to provide support on various processes. The benefits brought by technology in the recent years cannot be denied, and in the UK alone, the IT industry has grown impressively, at a fast pace, and things seem to continue going in the right direction. 

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