The most complete instructions on how to use hashtags in Instagram

What is a hashtag and what is it for?

A hashtag is a combination of the “#” grid symbol and a word, which results in a link that can be used to go to another Instagram section. It is used for the purpose of greater visitor involvement – for likes and comments under posts and, as a result, for attracting new followers.

In other words, this is the keyword by which users find interesting content. After clicking on the link to different publications. And according to their subjective opinion, they decide to follow to this content or to like and comment. If you need more followers that engage with your content, its way easier to buy followers on Instagram.

That is why it plays a big role in promoting Instagram accounts. And given the fact that its use does not require financial investments, it is a wonderful way to advertise your account.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this tool, how to use it, and what simple actions can lead you to the top publications. So, if you keep reading, you will find a lot of useful information.

What is the role of hashtags in the promotion of the account?

Obviously, just to put a hashtag (#) and a certain word is not all that you need to know about them. There are different mechanisms in which they perform useful tasks. We will look at them in this section.

Involving new users

In the previous section, we showed when and what tags to write on Instagram. With their help, new people come to your profile, who like, comment and follow to the accounts they are interested in.

Dividing all content into sections

Using a tag you mark the content of the post, which allows it to be in a certain category of all content on Instagram. If you put #lovestories, it will be among 20k publications. Accordingly, those who follow this topic will see it and probably like it.

Conducting contests and giveaway

Organizers of various interactive events on Instagram form the rules in which hashtags play a key role. With their help, they find completed tasks and track compliance with all the conditions for the raffle.

With the help of a unique tag of a certain brand, you can track your product reviews on Instagram. Or tag a photo so that your post is published in the feed of a popular account. For example, if you put #shotoniphone, there is a chance to get into the tape of a famous brand. This method is also often used by bloggers and large public groups to attract attention.

Following a hashtag

Recently, Instagram allows you to follow not only accounts, but also tags. It helps to keep track of all information within one narrow topic.

Basic rules for using hashtags

Now that you know how to use tags to better promote your profile, we’ll tell you the spelling rules.

  • You can use numbers, underscore and emoticons.
  • Characters that cannot be used – &, -, *,%, +, -,!, $, ^ And others.
  • If you write a few words, remove the space, otherwise everything that after the space does not fall into the name of the tag.
  • If there are several words, they can be written together without a space or separated by an underscore (_).
  • Use up to 30 hashtags at once. The optimal figure is 5-10 pieces. It is recommended to indicate them in the comments.
  • They can be written with only posts and stories. With other people’s publications it does not work.
  • It is not recommended to prescribe them in the middle of the text, it looks not beautiful. Although this is a matter of taste and marketing strategies.
  • Choose tags that match your content.
  • Do not use other people’s unique hashtags. Create your own. You can check it in the search bar.

How to find the right and correct hashtags on Instagram?

Yes, not all cases need to use only popular tags. For competent promotion, it is important to use those words with grids that are guaranteed to bring new interested visitors to us. And for this you need to know how they differ in the number of published posts. And they are divided into three types:

  • more than 100,000 publications – high-frequency;
  • from 50,000 to 100,000 – mid-frequency;
  • up to 50 000 – low frequency.

High-frequency tags get good coverage, likes, comments and followers in the first minutes. However, publications with them very quickly fall down on Instagram and become imperceptible over time. The smaller the number of posts, the lower the involvement, but the probability of holding out on the first positions is higher. To find your optimal set of tags, you need to test them one by one.

And for this you need to know where to look for the information you need:

  • In the search bar on Instagram – enter the tag of interest and see the number of its publications;
  • In Instagram, check out your competitors and see which hashtags they use in their posts;
  • on the website Webstagram – when you enter the requested tag, you are offered a number of alternatives for more choice along with the requested one;
  • also on the main page of the Webstagram website you can see a list of the most popular hashtags at the moment.

Shadow ban

What you need to know about hashtags, so as not to fall into the shadow ban.

Shadow Ban is a temporary blocking of Instagram, in which no tag posts are displayed for users who are not following this account. Representatives of the service claim that there are no bans. Practice says that “something” does happen and publications get much less coverage.

This means that the page does not stop working, but when a post is published, only followers see it. Other users cannot find this post by its tag. Accordingly, the coverage falls and this can be immediately seen by the number of likes.

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