Professional Video Editing in the Comfort of your own home

Do you have the pro-gears to make amazing videos? If your only limitation to make your own videos is the lack of a proper gear, this article is what you been looking for. In here, you will find some excellent tips and tricks that will help you make professional videos from the comfort of your home. To begin, all you need to create videos is a webcam or mobile phone.

You may be astonished to hear that most successful YouTubers, video editing service providers and content creators start this journey with their Smartphone’s camera or webcam. Obviously, in time, they switch to a more personalized and professional gear. In this article, we will focus on how you can start with simple gear that you have at home.  With any luck, this article will encourage you to transform your passion into real job.

Before going in depth, I just want to remind you that, every audience enjoys a video that has great content quality rather than a good presentation. Even though presentation is an important matter, if you have a weak content, the presentation cannot highlight anything.

So, the first thing that you have to ensure is that your content’s quality is off-the-charts. Common requirements of great content are:

• It should create value.

• It should not be embarrassing and dull.

• It must be entertaining.

• It should be educational.

With this said, let’s dive in.


The main criteria that you need to respect is that quality of the audio and the video. This means that your audience should hear and see everything very clearly. At this point, you shouldn’t worry about extra lighting. Just use the sunlight.

The best time for making a video is during the morning or evening. This is so because during this time, you will get what is called as a ‘soft light’. This is considered more enjoyable than ‘hard light’. Furthermore, to get maximum advantage of the light, you should stand in front of it and set your camera behind its source, meaning in front of you.


In the previous section, I mentioned that excellent sound and light quality are the main aspects of a good video. You know already how to achieve a proper light quality, so what to do about the sound? Firstly, you need to know that fancy headphones are not necessary. You can record your video with your Smartphone’s headphone.

Before recording you need to guarantee a few key aspects. First and foremost, make sure that there is no background noise. This will lower the quality of your video. Just close your windows, switch off your TV or any other source of sound while recording the video. Moreover, if you want to buy the best headphone you should consider buying a pair of BOYA BY-M1. Currently, most of the youtubers use this model.


Framing is another important aspect to pin-down when making a video. A frame is the space that your audience can watch in your video. So, you should only include precisely what you want in your frame. Avoid including your pets (for an example, cats, dogs or others) or another person, unless it is absolutely necessary. A clear and simple frame will make your video stand out.

Now, how can you get a perfect framing? The answer is simple. You place your camera vertically or you may change your sitting position. It would be great to make a short test or demo video. Optimistically, this will be enough to fix your problem.

Likewise, the background is important for a professional video. You shouldn’t choose a very bright background that could reflect your light. Always choose a medium-dark background.


Is a tripod absolutely necessary? Even though you can hold your camera with your hand, sometimes it may be shaky. As a result, your video is blurry. You do not want a blurry video! That is why you need an instant tripod.

However, you don’t need to buy a tripod! At least not at first. You can make an instant tripod anywhere in your home with a few things. First, you need to choose a flat surface where you can place your camera. Then gather some books, and stack them to get the right height. Afterwards, place the camera on top of your make-up tripod. A good piece of advice is to make sure that the position of the camera is correct once it is on the tripod. Once this is perfect, you are ready to create your video.

As you have just read, you don’t need a lot of money to begin making videos at home. In fact, you should start with what you have. In time, you can improve to better gadgets. Plus, if you have a unique talent and great content to display, you should begin this journey as soon as possible. Rome wasn’t built in day, achieving mastery takes time, but the sooner you start, the faster you get there. Hopefully, this article will encourage you to start your journey ASAP!

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