PrepAway Overview: 5 Reasons for Getting CompTIA Network+ Certified

CompTIA is the ultimate voice of the globe’s Information Technology industry. It is a non-profit trade association that issues IT professionals with a number of certifications, such as ITF+, A+, Network+, Security+. These credentials refer to the Core certifications. In this article, we’ll focus on one of the most popular Network+ credential. CompTIA certifies IT professionals after passing the required exam(s). This article will focus on the CompTIA Network+ credential which is designed to equip candidates with the knowledge on configuration, management and troubleshooting of a networked system.

CompTIA Network+ Certification process

In order to achieve the CompTIA Network+ credential, you need to pass N10-007 exam with a score of 720 on a scale of 100-900. The test covers the following topics:

  • Networking Concepts
  • Infrastructure
  • Network Operations
  • Network Security
  • Network troubleshooting and tools

Network+ N10-007 exam is the newly introduced exam after the retired N10-006. N10-007 has several concepts added which include security, Cloud computing and virtualization techniques. Besides, it is set to have a maximum of 90 questions of multiple choice, performance-based, drag and drop. The time allotted is 90 minutes and the price for doing N10-007 exam is $319.

Every candidate is required to have a solid understanding of every topic before doing the exam. Upon attaining the CompTIA Network+ credential, the industry will require the IT professional to have a profound understanding of the concepts that are always applied in the field. Here are some of the skills that you will likely encounter in your career.

  • Designing and implementing functional networks
  • Configuration, management and maintenance of essential network devices
  • Apply routers and switches in segmenting network traffic and creating resilient networks
  • Identify the pros and cons of the existing network configuration
  • Implementing network standards, security and protocols
  • Troubleshooting network problems
  • Supporting the installation of virtualized networks.

Reasons to be CompTIA Network+ certified professional

There can be many reasons as to why CompTIA Network+ credential is very ideal for your career. However, I am going to provide you with reasons that made me become CompTIA Network+ certified professional after completing my bachelors 2 years ago. We might be sharing the same reasons. Let’s confirm them.


I had spent much of my time in New York city attending one interview after the other without even one bearing fruits. With a first class honors in software engineering, expected every hiring manager to recommend me as the best candidate but all went into vain. I took a two-week break and one of my colleagues who was CompTIA Network+ certified shared with me a secret. Without further ado, I registered for N10-007 and passed it with flying colors. After its completion, I am currently the senior system engineer of a rapidly growing company. Once again, unemployment made me get certified.

2. Career Advancement

After attaining all the academic qualification from the institutions of higher learning, I still felt incomplete. Being an ordinary professional was never my dream and surely I would not like to be regarded as ordinary whatsoever. I had a passion for networking. The CompTIA Network+ credential was the ideal path that I can choose to acquire the knowledge that can make me a competent specialist when it comes to networking. Being a CompTIA Network+ specialist shows that you have the advanced skills and knowledge in networking. That is all I desired to have.

3. Proven professional achievement

Despite the fact that I can configure and troubleshoot a networked system in almost a similar way CompTIA Network+ certified professional can do, there was no proof for that. I needed the hiring managers who have always ignored my presence in the interviews to know that I have the skills they need. The CompTIA Network+ credential was the way to go and definitely, it has served me good.  

4. Professional opportunities

I have heard of very beneficial seminars and conferences organized by CompTIA. I have always wanted to be part and parcel but no way! Only the professional who has the CompTIA Network+ credential or any other credential from CompTIA are allowed to attend. I had to take a step and get the CompTIA Network+ credential. Currently, I have attended several seminars which are already highlighted in my resume. The seminars and conferences broaden your understanding of Information Technology. Besides, you can also identify IT problems and give a solution during such events.

5. Continued professional growth

Education has no end and has no limits. I have always had this desire to learning a new concept every day and giving solutions. The CompTIA Network+ credential gives a broad spectrum of concepts that you can do research on. In addition, there are many algorithms that need proper solutions in the field of Information Technology. Therefore, you can gain knowledge of solving some of the algorithms in IT.

Preparation Options for N10-007 exam

There are several preparation options you can opt for from CompTIA. Here are some of them:

  1. CertMaster eLearning
  2. eBooks
  3. Classroom training

Exam dumps for N10-007 from PrepAway

The next thing that you should do after taking the prep materials from CompTIA official website is to look for the best and reliable exam dumps at PrepAway. Using PrepAway N10-007 exam dumps for your certification exam provide you with a clear picture of how the main exams are set and the format which you should expect. The dumps available at PrepAway are the most valid and reliable ones, as they have been created with the help of the real exam takers and checked by the IT experts. Additionally, PrepAway grants you an opportunity to join the community where you can share the latest N10-007 exam dumps with colleagues.

Career Prospects

  • System Engineer
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Field Engineer


CompTIA Network+ credential is necessary and important for every IT professional who wants to boost his or her career in networking. Along with the verified skills, it will allow you getting $63,000 annually. Take time to prepare using the valid and available materials both from CompTIA and PrepAway websites and you will easily pass N10-007 exam with flying colors.

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