Is Your Corporate Security Strong Enough to Ward Off Cyber Attacks?

The fundamental security measures are lacking in corporate organizations that is making the companies vulnerable to cyber attacks.

As per the Global State of Information Security Survey 2018, cyber threats to the integrity of data are a rising concern with damages to the critical infrastructure impacting the overall health of the organization.

Many organizations still fail to understand the vulnerability of cyber attacks that are based on the below nine external threat vectors:  

It is highly essential for every organization to access the above risks and take appropriate measures to ward off cyber attacks before they happen.

Build a Secure and Scalable Security Infrastructure

Building a solid security infrastructure is crucial to protect your IT infrastructure from cyber attacks. Follow the below guidelines to achieve the highest possible level of security:

  • Perform a security audit to access your current security performance.
  • Develop an HR module for IT security.
  • Build a progressive layer modelled security infrastructure starting from physical security layer, continuing on to the security of the hardware and software, and finally, the technical processes in place to support operational security.
  • Establish security protocols for 3rd party vendors accessing your infrastructure.
  • Create remote access policies for work from home employees.
  • Provide guidelines for implementing basic security practices.

Keep Your IT Assets Secured With Patch Management

Patch management is the process of managing and updating patches for software applications. More essentially, patch management helps to upgrade the software for minimizing security vulnerabilities leading to extensive data security.

Cloud Management Suite is a great tool that offers an efficient software patch manager which assists in the following ways:

  • It keeps all your computers, laptops and other IT assets secured.
  • With the help of predictive patch management, it automatically manages your vulnerabilities with the click of a button.
  • You only need to have a browser and you can have complete control over your entire corporate security.
  • The health of every device is accessed on the basis of the CVSS scores (common vulnerability scoring system). Higher scores indicates poor device health.

  • The entire suite comes with a list of detailed reporting tools that quickly provides an overview with flexible filtering and custom parameters.

A strong predictive patch strategy is essential for every organization and Cloud Management Suite offers a strong solution to effectively manage security vulnerabilities.

Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning To Detect Threats

We are living in the age where massive amount of data is available from every source. The only thing needed is a way to compile and extract information out of them. This is where artificial intelligence and machine learning comes into play.

AI can be used to look for indicators that compromises a firm’s network by evaluating enormous amounts of data. Moreover, AI can be used to automate tasks in an efficient manner thereby minimizing the need of manual tasks which can be put to use for some other tasks.

Darktrace is an awesome tool that uses artificial intelligence to ward off cyber security threats. Here is how Darktrace helps to protect both corporate networks and cloud environments:

  • It uses an enterprise grade AI technology that autonomously detects and fights back security threats.  
  • With the help of it’s “Enterprise Immune System” that is inspired by the working of the human immune system, it leverages the power of machine learning technology for cyber defense.
  • The system sends automatic alerts when threats are detected within the environment with the help of its real time 3D threat notification interface.
  • With the help of its advanced machine learning, the system can automatically detect what is normal and what is abnormal within networks.

Products like Enterprise Immune systems represent a new category of defense mechanisms to enhance corporate security.


Adopt the above practices to ensure that your corporate security is strong enough to ward off all forms of cyber attacks. Always remember to regularly upgrade your system by implementing successful patch management and make use of tools that continuously identifies and fixes any potential threats.   

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