Interest Picking Up for New Crypto Exchange Streamex

There appears to be a great deal of excitement growing around the upcoming token sale and launch of Streamex. The crypto exchange and “social trading” platform is planned to go live on June 1st. A large number of traders and investors are already expressing their interest in the project, ahead of May’s token sale.

Following in the vein of other exchange tokens, which are seeing very positive movements thus far in 2019, Streamex is launching the STE token. With its value tied to the volume of activity on the exchange, the interest being shown in Streamex makes for an optimistic outlook for the STE token going forward.

If you’re not up to date with this exciting project, read on to see why it’s generating so much buzz in the industry.

A Telegram Group 49,000 Strong – and Counting

Streamex’s social channels are growing fast with its impending token sale. In a matter of months, their official Telegram Group has grown to almost 50,000, and is growing larger every day. That makes it one of the fastest growing Telegram groups in the world. In addition, their Twitter account currently sits at more than 16,000 followers, and their Facebook page has over 14,000 likes.

In addition, over 75,000 people have been Whitelisted for the public sale. This comes only 3 weeks after Whitelist applications opened. Their private pre-sale to top investors sold out in only 2 days.

This fast-growing social following represents an overwhelmingly positive reception to several new and exciting features Streamex brings to the table. The exchange is responding to a lack of engagement and new ideas in crypto trading today. What they introduce is a powerful exchange that doubles as a “social trading” platform. The aim is to bridge the gap between new and experienced traders, incentivizing more activity and more money in crypto altogether.

“Social Trading” with Streamex

Two key features make up the social trading aspect of Streamex.

Traders have the option to create a profile for themselves. With this, other traders can pay to follow their trading activity, receiving alerts and insights on portfolios and key movements. Followers can send tips, and track the best traders on the exchange via a global “hall of fame” leaderboard. Traders on the leaderboard will be eligible for prizes and rewards based on time frames, volumes, profit & loss and more.

The other major feature is community trading pools. Users can put their funds towards buying “shares” in a trading pool, managed by Streamex-verified master traders. It represents one of the first pool trading options offered by a verified source.

Both features make it easy for new and inexperienced traders to enter the crypto market while incentivizing activity from more advanced traders. Pools open up a way for those without the time or knowledge of the market to get in and start earning from crypto, while social trading helps onboarding, accelerating people from novice to expert status.

On the other side of the coin, experienced traders are offered several more revenue streams and a way to double down on their expertise.

A Modern Exchange for the Modern Trader

Streamex also presents the foundation of a powerful crypto exchange – backed by the latest security framework, reliable 24-hour support, and a lightning-fast matching engine. It offers an intuitive user experience, with flexible chart layout options, binary options, margin & stop-loss trading, and trading directly from the chart. Plus the Streamfolio app for iOS and Android allows traders to stay connected and receive alerts from anywhere.

The icing on the cake is a fiat gateway, allowing deposits and withdrawals in USD and EUR from the moment the exchange is launched.

Many in the crypto community are excited over the new and unique features Streamex is offering, and the huge potential for growth it has. The exchange will launch in June – don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of its growth.

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