How to Start Your Own Online Shop

The internet is changing fast and any moment away from it feels like you are missing out from something big. You are not wrong; millions of people connected in one platform is the largest and most diversified market available. It is one welcoming business opportunity for any person in the comfort of their home or even in the workplace. In this age, anyone can start his or her own online shop. Here are some ideas to explore in the online market.

Imports from other markets

There are numerous markets around the world with prices that differ for the same product. Various parts of the world experience seasons and as one part may experience a lack of a commodity another area may be flooding with an excess of it. Better yet, you can find the best products in places that have not been explored and be the first to show the world. It is entirely the same concept that led to the birth of barter trade. With a grasp of knowledge on how imports and exports work, payment options and your online store then definitely there is some profit to earn.


Profit is made when buying and not when selling. You may have a keen eye for goods that could sell for more than what the vendor is saying. Some products just need a good polishing and neat packaging, and they could be re-sold for a higher price (especially accessories). Other goods, maybe in your home, might have aged and can be sold at a higher price simply because, scarcity is value. Get these goods and go online to re-sell them at a higher price.

Web design

Online businesses are rapidly erupting. This means there is a growing demand for web designers. Add on to your skills graphic design and pitch your ideas to businesses. Not only do businesses need websites nowadays but also institutions such as churches. Every company must market itself online, and that is where the niche is.

E-book selling.

With the internet being diversified, you cannot miss people who want to read your e-book and buy it. By using kindle and other devices, your hobby can be turned into a paying job. You can apply online programs like or even to design your own e-book, and the best part is you do not also need to print.

Starting your online shop

A few steps to starting your online shop include:

Choose the product you want to sell

Pick the product you want to sell online from any ideas you might have had in the past. It helps to visit online forums to view most questions asked. This will help to get an idea of what the market needs and if it is found in the online market. You can also check out your competitors to get a feel of the game and also help you get acquainted with the world you are stepping into.

Decide on the best e-commerce solution

There are various solutions out there to help you get your online store up and running. Sites like offer great solutions to help one get up in the e-commerce business. Mainly there are three types of solutions:

  1. Hosted- This is recommended mostly for beginners as their websites will be housed on their host`s servers. You will be provided with web-based software to build and power your online store.
  2. Licensed- This option will have to be installed on your computer. You also need to find your own hosting and security protections.
  3. Open source – Here you are required to build your website from scratch. It is mainly considered when one requires full customization of his or her site. This means there is heavy programming needed to configure the settings and so you might need to hire an expert in programming.

Start building your website

It is advised that you keep it simple as you mostly have 5 seconds to capture attention or they are gone. Begin setting up your important pages; category pages, home page, content pages and many more.  Make your navigation clear and straightforward on every page; it should definitely be easy to buy from your store- no more than two clicks. Select a web address where customers will find your online store and also pick a domain name for your website, one that is simple and fully describes your business. Pick on an extension (.com, .biz, .net and so on) and register it with a domain name provider.

Sales copy formula

Design one to take the customers through the whole process of buying and acquiring goods. Make sure to have a compelling headline. You should also establish credibility and add testimonials to give the customers the social proof of your product`s worth. Add on top of it a substantial guarantee and finally ask for a sale.

Payment plan

Make a decision on how to be paid. Many opt for PayPal and Google checkout payment options. However, one has the opportunity to accept credit cards directly on his or her site. This is much more professional than the much-used payment options stated earlier. Should you choose the latter, you are to research credit card processing options particularly merchant accounts to be sure on all of the rates and fine print.

Market your online store

No matter how good your product is, no one is going to buy it if they cannot find it. Include an opt-in offer to collect E-mail addresses, E-mail marketing is cheaper and more effective than print, TV, or radio simply because it is highly targeted. Use search engines to drive targeted buyers to your site particularly pay-per-click advertising that shows up on search pages instantly. Provide expert advice on other platforms and include a link to your site with each information. Market through online article directories or social media sites. Do not forget to add “send to a friend “link in your important content pages.

E-commerce is on the rise and with the easy steps above you can also join the movement. Making money online is probably the best decision you are going to make financially.

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