How To Design An Award Winning Logo Using Designhill

This year, over 600,000 new companies are expected to start operations in 2018. With so much competition out there, entrepreneurs work hard to create new and innovative products. However, they often forget to think about the brand and how they are going to market those products. This might be the reason why most UK startups fail within their first year. In order to avoid becoming another statistic, you should prioritize your branding just as highly as product development. Fortunately, you can create an award winning logo that will make your brand look as professional as other established companies in London.


Create Multiple Branding Concepts

Start designing your own logo by brainstorming ideas for different logo concepts. You can draw inspiration from other companies in your industry or brands that you idolize. Pay attention to how other companies are rebranding their logos. If you decide to use the Designhill logo maker, you can generate plenty of logo concepts for inspiration. When you have many different ideas to work with, you will be able to come up with several concepts that could work for your brand. This is an important first step to designing an award winning logo, creating enough concepts to build on.


Use Colors That Align With Your Brand

Once you have some branding concepts that you like, the color of your logo can have a major impact on the feeling or mood communicated by the logo. Each color has a different psychological message to the brain. The color blue can have a calming or freshness feeling. Meanwhile, green can be associated with nature and money. This is the reason that you see so many food companies using the color red in their logo. It has been shown to increase the appetite of certain people viewing the logo. When designing your logo, try out a number of different colors to see which one aligns with the feeling of your brand overall.


Experiment With Different Types of Fonts

Second to color, a memorable font type could set you apart from the competition. To create a truly award winning logo design, you should try out several creative and different font types. While most companies have a heavy font for a bold impact or fine weight for minimalist style, a unique font would really stand out. Using the Designhill logo maker, you can try vintage fonts, handwriting fonts and several other type fonts. The type of font you choose can also add content and relevancy to your brand. Similar to the color selection, the font needs to match with the brand identity.


Keep Your Symbol Simple

An award winning logo design will be simple enough for anyone to remember. This can be achieved using various symbols and images. Instead of trying to incorporate a highly detailed design, which may be difficult to remember, use simple symbols. This can be a check mark, forward slash, click icon or others. It should be simple enough for people to remember quickly whether they see it on a webpage or transit bus. After starting with a symbol that is recognizable, you can add a slight customization to make it your own. This will allow anyone to associate that symbol or icon with your brand wherever they see it.


View Your Logo In Different Formats

After you have tested out a number of elements of your logo, you need to see it in different formats. The best logo designs are timeless and appropriate for many different formats. For example, your logo design might look great on a work social media profile. However, once it gets printed on a t-shirt, it’s not the same.

You can use their logo maker to preview how the logo design would look in different formats. In order to design an award winning logo, it should pass the test of professionalism in many different formats.

If you want your London startup to have a professional look, you should design your very own award winning logo. This can be done by creating many logo concepts. Then, you can experiment with the different colors to communicate the right emotions. Try out different font types too. Don’t be afraid to do something different from the normal heavy or thin font types. You can really make your logo stand out with simple symbol that anyone can recognize. Finally, you need to put all these elements together and view them in different formats to produce a top notch, award winning logo design.

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