How to Become Famous on Instagram

Are you interested to become famous on Instagram? Why not, everyone likes to be famous in powerful social media platforms specially Instagram. It has the highest engagement rate and number of active users among social networks; thus, many people try to become famous on Instagram and attract thousands of followers, go viral, get sponsors as well as celebrities’ attention and earn money. To become instafamous, you need to stick to some rules, from creating a great account with quality posts to interacting with other Instagram users with Instagram bot services. Automation tools like Instamber would help you a lot to save your precious time in engaging with users and managing your account.

The first step is to find your talent, something unique which you can share with Instagram users to attract them, keep them interested and engage them with your page; it can be a distinctive lifestyle or your art and fashion gift. In the second place, you should increase the number of your followers by inviting family and friends to like your page or even introduce it to their circle of connections on Instagram. Moreover, create your own branded hashtag which will be used by you and your followers and also use other hashtags in your niche to get more engagement and impression. Don’t forget using automation tools to engage with other users or manage your page most effectively. In the following section, we will explain five ways to boost your Instagram growth and become #instafamous

  • Identify your target audience to grow engagement rate
  • Share high quality posts in the right time to increase your engagement
  • Tag famous people of your niche in your posts 
  • Communicate and collaborate with influencers on Instagram
  • Use applications to automate your engagement and schedule your posts

Step 1 : Identify your target audience

The most important step to grow your Instagram followers and their engagement is to define your target audience. But why is it important to know who your audiences are? 

First of all, it would help you to define the best content strategy for communicating with your audience and engage them from the very early stages. Moreover, it may show that your target audience is larger and more diverse than what you expected before. Also, when you know your audience, you can be sure that people interested in your content would follow you and it increases your engagement rate consequently. 

According to Instagram’s new algorithm, engagement rate is far more important than having thousands of followers as it shows your followers are real and higher engagement rate increases the possibility of your posts being seen by other users. You can define a marketing persona to reveal your audience’s preferences and behaviors.

Listening or monitoring tools help you to find people who are talking about you through mentions of your name or keywords related to your business. By investigating characteristics of people who are talking about you and also analyzing your current followers’ demographic features such as gender, age and location, you can define marketing persona. Once you have defined your target audience, it is the time to engage with them to gain new followers. 

Step 2 : Share high quality posts in the right time

Defining your target followers, it is the time to set a timetable to decide when and what to post. Analyzing successful campaigns in the past few years as well as your competitor’s contents would help you in this step to decide on what to share. Don’t forget to produce high quality contents and eye-catching photos to attract your audience. There are free tools you can use to create great contents form video and images to even texts of your captions.

Based on Instagram’s algorithm, to appear on the explore page of users other than your current followers, your posts should receive a lot of attention. To do so, you should post when most of your followers are online and also you need to have high engagement rate. When more people are engaged with your posts, they will get a better rank on your followers’ feed and consequently receive much more attention. Also use proper hashtags to reach your target audience. 

Step 3 : Tag famous people of your niche in your posts 

If you want more Instagram followers and engagement, you should search for famous persons in your niche. Let’s start this step with an example. Imagine you are a talented make-up artist who is trying to be famous in Instagram. What should you do to become famous in this niche of Instagram and get a lot of attention? A simple approach which can help you the most is tagging users with great pages who are already famous in the niche.

The results would be two fold: First famous people you have tagged in your posts may visit your profile, like your posts or even follow you. The second result is that their followers may also follow you and engage with your post, making it go viral. 

Step 4 : Engage with other influencers

Up to now, many articles have restated the importance of interacting with Instagram influencers, but why is it so important?

Influencers can generate sales, create and distribute content, build brand awareness, grow the number of a page’s followers, and also have many more effects on a business. But before paying any influencer and collaborating with them, you must study their page closely to be sure that their followers are real and they have good engagement. In order to do so, have a look at their latest posts and count their engagement compared to the number of their followers. There are also websites through which you can find if an Instagram page has fake followers or not. 

There are also tools and websites which can help you find the best influencer in your niche. For example, Parseiq is analytics platform through which you can find the best influencers suitable for your purpose.

Step 5 : Use automation tools to increase your followers count 

As we said above, it is important to be consistent in publishing your posts and also constantly engage with other users. However, there are some limitations you can not neglect. First of all, as a person who is striving to become famous on Instagram, you have not much time to spend following other users or liking their posts. Besides, Instagram doesn’t let its users to like, comment or follow other accounts more than a limited number in a given time and knowing that a person can not be online all day long, automation tools are the best options to engage with others. Tools like Instamber, with a reasonable price, perform all these services on behalf of your page, get engaged with other people and consequently increase the number of your followers. Read more about this automation tool at, it is one of the best available options.

Using these tools you can also schedule your posts long before. They would publish your posts when you are not online and do not loose even a singe day.

Instagram is a powerful social network to become famous. The more time you spend with your followers, the more successful you’ll be. Now you are ready to use the above solutions to improve your page and be famous on Instagram. Of course, there are plenty more ways, but using the approaches properly would guarantee your becoming successful in this platform. 

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