How Instagram can help you spread the word around town

London is an incredibly large city. With so many people living here, not to mention those who are constantly passing through, there are plenty of things to do. It can be extremely hard to keep up with what’s going on or to find out about new things that might be happening. It is possible to search for this stuff but there is such an abundance of information out there that can be accessed in so many different ways that it would be much more convenient if it could all be compiled and delivered from one source, a source where people with varying interests can come together and share their news with the world. This place, ideally, would be open to all the world and accessible in the easiest way possible. This place exists and it is available in the palm of your hands.

Instagram is much more than a place for photos

This place is Instagram. Instagram burst onto the scene just under a decade ago and has grown at such a tremendous rate that is has recently reached a billion users. While Instagram is mainly known as a social network which provides its users the opportunity to share photographs with friends and family, its users have taken it and turned it into a much more fluid place which can be used for things that are quite far removed from its original purpose. While employing its main function, the creativity provided by Instagram, combined with that possessed by its users, means that it’s format can be used for countless different purposes. Photos can be used to give insights into users’ daily lives while also being used to show off new products or services, keep people updated with the latest goings on, provide information about competitions and make sure other users are up-to-date with the latest news. This new twist on the original approach means that Instagram is quickly becoming a place where people go to get their information and that is no different for the citizens of London.

London on Instagram

At the time of writing, there were a little over one hundred and ten million Instagram posts which were using the #london hashtag while thirty-five million posts used London as their location. Aditionally, there is a wealth of accounts out there which are dedicated to specific ideas related to London. All this gives you an idea of the sheer volume of content out there related to the nation’s capital. If you are looking to do stuff in London, Instagram should definitely be considered your first port of call as not only does it give the information you are looking for but you can also get a good look at it and visualise if it really is for you.

How can this help you?

If you happen to have an Instagram account which is connected to London in some shape or form, whether it be a business, a brand, a photography account or some kind of tourist or history guide, then you can be sure that there are people out there looking for whatever it is you are offering. Given the amount of Londoners who might be trying to find a certain something and have had no luck so far, as well as the millions of tourists who come and go and want to get some ideas from locals as to what to do while here, there is a massive potential audience for any budding Instagram  user who is looking to create a popular account.

How can you have a popular account?

A big part of having your account become a popular one is the amount of interaction you get from other Instagram users. By interaction, this means the number of views your content gets, positive responses to your posts in the form of likes and encouraging or complemenatry comments and creating enough interest among other Instagram users that they wish to become your followers and, therefore, keep a closer eye on the content you add to your content. One way of getting this much-needed engagement is to visit some of the websites like Insta4likes which offer you the chance to pay other Instagram users to perform these features for you. Through all these different ways of engagement, you can get the attention required to boost your account’s profile and make it even more visible across the Instagram platform so that more users who may be interested can have a look at it and take an interest in your account and what you are offering other users.

How do you get this to happen?

Building a successful Instagram profile is something that takes time and hard work. First of all, it is important to remember that there is a lot of competition out there. There are almost certainly other people out there with the same idea as you, or at least one that is somewhat similar. Therefore, you need to do something a bit different. To make sure you are doing just that, follow the accounts of your competitors. That way, you will get an idea of what they are doing and you will also appear among the suggested accounts for the followers of that one. If you are focusing on London, make sure to use plenty of hashtags related to the city itself in order to attract more people your way while also adding other hashtags which are more focused on the particular topic you relate London to. Similarly, use London as your location for every post as this will make your account more visible to people who are based in the city and will help spread the word of your profile.

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