How AI Is Influencing SEO for A Better Search Engine Experience

What do you think is the average search numbers for Google per day? Can’t think of a number, right? Well, the number is in the billions but what is more amazing is the accuracy of those searches. People are getting exactly what they are looking for in a split second. There were times when search engines provided related information but with the introduction of artificial intelligence in the SEO industry, the searches have become more streamlined and accurate than ever. Google even has RankBrain, which is one of the three most critical search rankings. Nowadays, Google will quickly show the answer to your query before you even finish typing.

Optimizing the keywords

SEO companies have been known to extensively research on the keywords that will help a website to rank higher in the search engines. Now imagine a scenario where the device you are using to access the search engine already knows what’s on your mind. You start typing and it produces the information you need instantly. That is something remarkable, right? This is the power of AI. Even some of the experienced SEO companies like Assertive are making the most of RankBrain to simplify the complicated keywords that are searched for.

In fact, optimizing the keywords have become easier now than before. For example, if you are looking for cheap accommodation in London and there are several websites that have keywords like “apartments in London” or “affordable living in London” or “cost of hotels in London”, their rank will not be favorable. The ideal optimization of the keyword that will rank higher will be something like “cheap hotels in London”.

Use of AI-powered chatbots

What if the internet becomes even more connected than it is now? It would know what you want as soon as you think of something. The same concept has been implemented in the form of AI chatbots to make SEO a lot easier. Not just for the ease of work, it is for the end-user to make the most of the search engine. Some of the companies have already started using chatbots so that they can help customers whenever they need any information. The objective of the chatbot is to customize the search engine according to the behavior of the user. It is like a friend who will engage in active conversations so that you get an answer to your query instantly.

The best part of using chatbots is that it never sleeps. It is like a human that is ready to answer your queries 24/7. SEO companies that have the responsibility to improve the ranking of a website should start suggesting AI chatbots. According to recent trends, 2019 will be the year where chatbots will replace the need for 24/7 representatives for a company. The obvious benefits are the higher search rankings for the company’s website and the lower operational costs, but the impact of this technology on improving customer service shouldn’t be understated. It can make a tremendous difference in how customer queries and complaints are addressed, which will inevitably lead to more customers trusting your brand.

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