Get YouTube Video Views in Few Days

Did you know…? Only 9% of small businesses use YouTube. It’s your time to take advantage of it. If you have made the decision to open your YouTube channel, then you need to promote it. Here is how you can get more YouTube views step by step.

1. Create Useful Content

People spend time watching YouTube videos from their mobile for 40 minutes. Don’t believe it? It is true! People will watch video that gives value, no matter how much time they have to invest. As a good example, this article is. Although it will probably take your time to read it, you will do so because it will contribute a lot to your knowledge about how to get more views on YouTube.

2. A Catchy Title

The first thing that will attract the attention of users, will be the title you choose. Remember that you will always see the one with the most striking title of all. You can take as an example the news or entertainment magazines. They always give striking and original titles.

You can use several words. Contrary to what you think, doing so will give you an advantage over your competition. Why? Because by including more words in your title, you will position more keywords.

3. A good description will make you viral

You can have a wonderful video on your channel, but the possibility of having visualizations without a good description is small. People in general prefer to read a good review of what they will see, before losing 3 minutes of their time in a video.

If you are new on this platform, getting views on YouTube is difficult. However, you can buy YouTube views on one of the reliable provider for initial uploads to gain more trust and exposure. If the ball starts rolling in, here is what you need to do next:

You can also include your keyword 2 to 4 times to improve the performance of positioning your video. Your description should contain combinations of words for the platform to show you when users search for certain topics.

4. Your thumbnail will say more than a thousand words

Include a photo that people want to click. This will make people click on it and add more views, obviously.

5. Publish frequently.

Take advantage of smartphones and cameras that record in high quality to make short videos that do not exceed 3 minutes. You can make videos with a particular theme such as: “cooking in 3 minutes”, “Smartphone functionalities”, humor segments or simply sing a song. Also, you could give it a commercial turn and publish tutorial videos about the products and services you offer.

The frequency and quantity of videos is key to generating subscribers in the channel. Set a goal and plan the contents. So, for example, you can plan to release of one video per week, every 15 days, monthly, etc. It is important that you do not stop fulfilling this objective. Consistency is the key.

Do you already have YouTube Channel? Are you making good amount of video views already in your channel? Let us know in the comment below!

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