Encryption software to try in 2019

Encryption software is software that encrypts and decrypts data. It uses cryptography to prevent third parties from accessing information. Since there is a lot of securities issues around the digital space, cryptography has been adopted primarily to protect digital information on different devices and the information sent to other devices too using the internet.

The encryption software usually executes a certain algorithm that encrypts data and is made in such a way that it is difficult to recover the data if you do not have the key.

Best Encryption software in 2019

Since hackers are becoming more adept at accessing information online, it is important for users to remain vigilant in protecting their files. Getting the best encryption software will help you keep your important files and documents away from malicious users.

Some of the recommended encryption software includes;


This is a highly recommended free encryption software. It is an open source program and is available for OSX, Linux operating systems and windows. It is described by many as a continuation of TrueCrypt as it supports all the features that Trecrot supported only that Veracrypt has new and improved features.

It is very reliable as it provides effective encryption and supports Advanced Encryption Standard. Additionally, it can hide encrypted volumes. It is one of the popular tools as it provides enterprise-grade encryption for your most important files.

Lastly, the system is very easy to install and use since you just need to give the tool some details such as volume size, location and algorithm and it will pick it up from there.

Folder Lock

Folder lock is a great option when you want to add encryption to your mobile device. Folder lock can basically encrypt your folders and files and can be used to create save locations that one can put all their folders and files before locking them. With folder lock, you can basically also set a decoy password, log unauthorized login attempts and get notified when there is any potential brute- force attacks.

Folder lock also has a file shredder that is very effective that it even gives the best recovery software an impossible task. Another advantage that folder lock has over the other encryption software is the fact that it is a one-time purchase and not a subscription like the rest.

Another interesting fact is that it uses Advanced Encryption Standard 256 bit key. Interestingly, this is an algorithm that most governments use as they trust it with their classified information hence this is very reliable.

Ax crypt

If you are looking for free software that you can rely on for personal and even business use then AxCrypt is the ideal software for you. It is mainly mobile oriented and gives the users string security since the files are protected with either 256-bit AES or 128-bit encryption. Currently, AxCrypt is multilingual and is now available in Spanish, English, Italian, Swedish, German and Italian. AxCrypt normally creates an archive which ideally contains additional metadata. This application has an in-built file shredder.

CyptoExpert 8

This is software that not only has powerful encryption but one that uses many encryption methods. It is used only for windows. It offers secure data vaults for all the sensitive data and constantly ensures that the data is protected from any potential breaches. Apart from providing more powerful encryption than other software, it boasts of having fast on the fly operation.

The system is also capable of backing up so many different files such as PowerPoint files, certificates and email databases. Although it proves to be quite complicated for some users, it is one of the most powerful and reliable encryption software in the market.

Express VPN

For those people who are very keen on online privacy, you can use a VPN service such as express VPN as it will encrypt all your data hence keeping cybercriminals away. Express VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption technology which is really great and the setup is also relatively simple. It is compatible with so many devices such as Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS and Android. In addition, it connects to over 90 countries in over 148 locations. You can check out for more information here VPNpro.com reviewed ExpressVPN

Why individuals should encrypt their data

  • Encrypting your data provides security for data

As a user of the internet, you definitely want to browse without feeling that someone is actually looking into what you are doing or having unauthorized access to your data. Everyone values privacy and hence it is very important to enforce security measures like having encryption software.

  • Encryption protects you from financial loses and protects your integrity

Needless to say, most hacker’s access unauthorized data to use against the culprits. If hackers get a hold of information like your financial accounts and passwords, for instance, they can easily steal your money. The other case is that if they get a hold of your personal conversations or images, they may use the same to ruin your reputation and ultimately your integrity.


For both individuals and corporations, encrypting data should be mandatory as it will save you in the long run. There are many tools such as encryption software that one can use for protection and get the level of security that they deserve.

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