Credit Card Machines Give your Small Business Power

Although at first glance it may seem impossible to compete with corporate giants as a new fledgling business there are ways this can be done. You may not have the resources but you do have the flexibility and the agility to keep ahead in your own little niche. Now with the advent of new, fully functional and value for money credit card machines you can add a new business tool to help you grow your business faster.

Companies such as SumUp have given you the power to provide similar options to the big corporate providers through developing a range of card machines that are both affordable, portable, and very easy to use.

Features of Card Machines for Small Business

Small business card machines give you the following capabilities:

  • Contactless Payments: Most card payment machines come with a contactless capability which is great if purchases are under £30. Your customer doesn’t need to remember their pin just hold the card near the machine for about a second. Contactless extends to smartphones and watches so your customers and clients can utilise Google Pay and Apple Pay to buy from you.

They work by utilising NFC or Near Field Communication. Without getting too technical once the amount is keyed or scanned into the machine, your customer’s card authorises the payment amount after the NFC has kicked in. The machine connects online and the bank transfer magic happens.

The same limits apply to contactless payments which for card machines in the UK is £30.

  • Mobile Card Machines: As well as being able to take card payments in a shop or fixed premises, you can take a mobile card reader on the road. This is great if you work in a customer’s home or business. They can pay you without having to run to the bank to withdraw cash, and you don’t have to carry the cash to the bank to pay it in or indeed to the nearest pub!

This kind of card reader connects online via your phone and a trusty app. The payment works in the same way and providing you connect over wi-fi or a mobile network you can take the payment. Some machines have the technology built in.

  • Multiple Machines and a Base Unit: Although it may not sound sexy the multiple card machines connecting to a base unit is simply a brilliant invention. The idea is that the base unit is connected online with several machines bluetoothed to it. Now the card machine can do the business where your customer is sitting.

It is not just restaurants that can benefit from this simply wonderful invention. Imagine your clothing store invests in this technology. As soon as someone tries something on and is up for making a purchase you can simply flash your card machine, take the payment and a smooth and easy transaction has taken place. No queues for your customer and you’ve taken payment before they have a chance to change their mind.

Making it Easy to Take Payments

The simple fact is if you can make it easy for customers and clients to pay you, you will get paid more often. People expect to be able to pay you using their card with many preferring it. Studies show that cash use is dwindling and every so often people speak of a cashless society. That day is coming and so getting a card payment machine now makes a lot of sense.

Better Customer Service

Giving your customers and clients a professional service is all part of delivering best in class customer service. This is important as it helps build trust and build your brand. As you keep on doing the business taking payments on your card machine and going beyond what your corporate competitors are delivering, your business will grow.

Card payment machines are a game changer. For a small outlay of under £30 and transaction fees of less than 2% per transaction, you will hardly notice it on your bottom line. Not only can you deliver the payment options your customers and clients expect, but you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

Prior to card machines becoming available they only existed in the realm of corporate business. They were for many small businesses too expensive. This gave larger companies an advantage over small to medium enterprises. The costs of operating a card machine in the UK were simply too high to be justified.

Now you have the chance to leverage advantages with a card payment reader. This will be the first step in taking your business to the next level as you can compete with the big players. Do not miss out on this opportunity. Get a card reader today and say hello to a golden future where the revenue flows as you take payments again and again.  

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