Appy Pie – the App Builder to Take Your Business to New Heights

Finding an app developer isn’t difficult these days. If you are ready to spend money, you can find reliable app developers who can successfully build your business app. But their services come at a price that many new entrepreneurs may be unable to afford. That’s why Appy Pie brings to you an incredible alternative where you can ignore the need to hire an experienced app developer. It is a platform that allows you to become an app developer even if you don’t have any experience in programming or coding.

No more budget constraints

Entrepreneurs planning to start a small business online often have to work with various budget constraints. On top of that, if the app developers charge a fortune, you may have to compromise on some of the business activities initially to cut down the costs. But if you go for Appy Pie, you’d be amazed to see how much you can save! Even popular brands have turned to this platform for their app development needs.

Here are the plans along with the respective features that Appy Pie provides:

1.    Basic Plan

This plan only costs $11.95 per month per app. It comes with 5,000 push notifications per month, a disk space of 200 MB, and a monthly bandwidth of 4 GB. It supports the web and Android platforms only.

2.    Gold Plan

This plan will cost $23.95 per month per app. Here, you get 10,000 push notifications, monthly bandwidth of 8 GB, and disk space of 400 MB. This plan supports the web, Android, and iOS platforms.

3.    Platinum Plan

This is the most popular plan of Appy Pie that costs $35.95 where you get 25,000 push notifications, 800 MB disk space, and 12 GB monthly bandwidth. The platinum plan also supports the web, Android, and iOS platforms.

Each of these plans comes with a few common features listed hereunder:

•    They offer the user unlimited app editing capability. Once you start developing the app, you can add, edit, or delete a feature as many times as you want. The platform supports you in every step to improve your app until you’re ready to launch.

•    You can go live as soon as the app is complete. The best part is that it will be under your own developer account.

•    The support system of Appy Pie is unmatched. They send you a test link of the app to see if it meets your requirement. If it does, you can submit it to the app stores; if it doesn’t, you can still edit it to suit your requirements.

•    All the plans provide real-time app analytics powered by Google Analytics. This allows you to understand the response of your app among the users. You can identify what the users are looking for, and then include the features in your next update.

•    There are options to include in-app purchases and app advertising. Enable these features, and it opens another path to earn extra money.

Appy Pie is here to build your ideas into a fully functional app. They provide all the tools you need to excel in app development without even knowing the technicalities behind it. The latest in the line of super effective tools is their chatbot builder, which will help their clients take the overall user experience and their customer support to new heights!

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