An Economic Way to Convert and Edit PDFs

In today’s world of business and economy, PDF is the de facto standard for exchanging files and documents. We generate and distribute PDFs on a daily basis.

The major advantage and, at the same time, the biggest problem with PDFs is that they can’t be edited without a dedicated PDF editor or converter. When you need to modify any given PDF, you need to utilize a PDF editing tool. The best known in the industry is Adobe’s Acrobat. But it doesn’t come cheap. So it may not be the most economic solution, especially for small business users. However, it’s worth noting that for a business user who handles confidential documents containing sensitive and financial information, free online PDF tools are not the best option either.

However, this doesn’t mean that there are no economic ways to convert and edit PDFs in a safe environment, with high quality output results. A good example is Able2Extract Professional, a PDF software solution that gives you full control over your PDF conversion and editing work without depleting your bank.

Convert PDF to MS Office and More

Able2Extract Professional converts PDFs to all popular MS Office formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and also: CSV, AutoCAD, HTML, and image file formats (PNG, JPG, BMP…).

The intuitive user interface allows you to convert your PDFs in just a few clicks. You need to open the PDF, select what you want to convert (only an area/excerpt or entire document) and choose the file format for your conversion.

What sets it apart from other PDF converters is its custom PDF to Excel conversion functionality.

This advanced feature enables users to manually fine-tune table layout before extracting data into an Excel spreadsheet and also preview the output. This saves tons of time on re-formatting and organizing the spreadsheet data.

Able2Extract Professional can also convert image-based or scanned PDFs thanks to its OCR engine, as well as to convert multiple PDF files or whole folders in one go with the batch conversion option.

Edit PDF Content and Pages

By nature, PDF files are not meant to be edited. Still, there are occasions that require you to make some minor revisions or modifications. Instead of losing valuable time on converting the PDF to an editable format, make your edits there, and convert it back to PDF, with Able2Extract Pro you can make these edits directly on PDF without conversion.

You can edit PDF content in a number of ways: instant text editing, font style and size adjustments, sensitive data redaction, adding annotations, images and vector shapes, form filling and editing, and more.

Along with editing the PDF content, you can modify PDF pages by adding and deleting pages, re-ordering, rotating, resizing, splitting & merging them. It is also possible to add Bates numbering, often used in legal and business sectors.

Editing a PDF with Able2Extract is as easy as converting PDFs to MS Office and other file types. All you need to do after starting up the software is to switch to the editing mode. This sounds more complicated than it really is: all you need to do to access PDF editing features is to click on the Edit icon on the main command toolbar. Upon doing this, you’ll be presented with the above described PDF page and content editing options.

To conclude, Able2Extract Professional is a robust PDF converter and editor. It is accurate and reliable, and offers more PDF management features than covered here. The main point is that at $149.95 for a lifetime license, it is definitely an economic way to convert and edit PDF files.

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