Room in Room Provides Innovative Solution to Winter Chill

By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent 

A South Korean entrepreneur has created a room in a room as an innovative solution to the winter chill.

The indoor tent is designed by inventors at iKamper and is aimed at combating high heating bills in the winter without leaving you shivering in the cold.

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Made of heat conserving and soft textile, tetron cotton, Room in Room circulates warm air around your bed and blocks cold air. With self-explanatory set up/pack up that takes 10 minutes maximum, you simply place Room in Room that fits perfectly to your specific mattress on your bed.

According to the test ran by the team, the temperature difference between the inside and outside Room in Room reaches up to 10 Fahrenheit and it can go up even higher depending on how one uses it.

“What is best about Rom in Room,” Jennifer, one of the creators of Room in Room, begins, “is that you have everything ready inside.” Inside Room in Room, you have private work station with adjustable lap top stand that can also convert into a desk when necessary.

On the opposite side of lap top stand is smart phone theater where you can watch movie in your bed without having to hold your phone over your head for a long time. Seriously, just count how many times you move around when you are on your phone in your bed.

You can also save environment by using Room in Room. Did you know that the number one cause of global warming, green house effect caused by CO2 emission, is the fossil fuel burning every time we turn on heater? The Room in Room team encourages people to use Room in Room instead of turning on heater to decrease amount of fossil fuel burned daily. “It may be a small change” Soon, the president and CEO at iKamper says,” but it is this small change that will accumulate to a big, influential result.”

The Room in Room team has announced to launch their Kickstarter project on Wednesday November 23rd, which will run for next 30 days. The team is preparing in advance to deliver Room in Room to consumers just in time for this winter.

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