Looking for Pokémon Go help, no need! Startup offers professional Pokémon Go Trainers to time-strapped gamers

Bidvine.com, A site connecting customers with local service professionals is now offering people the chance to hire Professional Pokémon Go Players. The site is also recruiting members of the public who want to provide Professional Pokémon Go Player help and services to other players willing to pay for the help.

A London-based startup has partnered up with a number of service providers, offering the UK’s first national Pokémon Go Professional Playing service. The service is especially for time-strapped gamers that want to level up and amass Pokémon while they work.

Players across the UK can book by visiting the search page of local professional marketplace Bidvine’s newest service: www.bidvine.com/pok-mon-go-walking.

After putting in a postcode – the service is available nationally – the player will be asked specific questions related to the goals they’d like the trainer to accomplish. This will range from helping to hatch Pokémon eggs – which require at least 2km of in-game walking – or asking the walker to go to a specific area whereby certain Pokémon are more likely to be seen. For instance, water-based Pokémon are more commonly spotted near actual bodies of water.

Members of the public can also sign up to get paid to play the game on behalf of others here: new.bidvine.com/pokemon/. The ID of all service professionals will be checked and verified as with all Bidvine’s professionals.

Consumers will be able to visit the link and request quotes from Trainers, who will either use the player’s Pokémon Trainer Club login credentials or walk with their handset if preferred (London-only). It’s expected quotes will be around £15 p/h, but quotes as with all Bidvine professionals are individual.

The walkers will be equipped with portable external battery packs for a number of handsets, ensuring if that option is selected, the phone is returned with battery power. The walkers will pick up and sign for the phone at a pre-arranged location, which can be work premises or schools if not otherwise signing in using Pokémon Trainer Club credentials.

Pokémon Go is now available in the UK after officially being released yesterday.  Previously, download workarounds for both Android and iOS devices meant a large number of keen Brits were already playing the game. Server load issues are said to be the cause for the delay for the UK release, having seen the app already overtake Tinder in a matter of days in terms of popularity.

Bidvine is a website on which members of the public can ask local service professionals to quote for work. Professionals include piano teachers, English tutors, house painters, photographers, plumbers, personal trainers and many others.

Sohrab Jahanbani, CEO of Bidvine.com, said,

“Pokémon Go has been an incredible success without having even been released here in the UK yet. For more than twenty years gamers have been trying to ‘catch them all’, and with the help of our professional Pokémon Go walkers, players will be able to level up without having to so much as make one step.

“Of course, you could say an element of enjoyment is lost in somebody else playing the game for you, but with Pokémon Go now officially available in the UK, gamers are looking for any advantage they can get and we’re happy to give it to them.”

One of the walkers, 21 year old Xavier Choong said,

“When I found out that Bidvine is recruiting Pokémon Go walkers, I signed up straight away – it’s the perfect summer job for me! I have been playing Pokémon Go ever since it was first released and absolutely love it. I’m really looking forward to putting my skills to use and making some money in the process!”

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  1. Guys who of you play Pokemon GO? Amazing game, yesterday i caught
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