New trick freeing up storage on iPhone

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Apple has been gradually increasing the amount of storage built into its devices.

And there is a way to free up space on the handsets and tablets without having to delete photos or uninstall apps, other than adding an SD card.

Users can check their current used and available storage space by going to Settings, General and Storage & iCloud Usage.

The film the user attempts to rent from iTunes must be larger than the amount of storage left on the iPhone or iPad.

It only works if there is less free storage space on the phone than the movie in the iTunes store.

When the user clicks on the Rent button next to the film, a prompt will appear saying there is not enough storage left to rent the selection.

They will then be given a choice of tapping OK or Settings.

Hitting Settings takes the user to the Settings menu, where the amount of storage available on the device will have already increased

This is because, to try to make room for the movie, the iPhone cleans installed apps to remove data, cookies and histories that are no longer needed.

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