National Fail: New iPhone Stickers Released For Commuters to Vent Their Rail Frustration

When possible tube strikes were once again announced this week, I rolled my eyes.

The subject has become an all too familiar commuter gripe and is a topic that we can’t resist commenting on.

Angry commuters take to Twitter and social media every day to relieve their frustration over delays, strikes and being close to smelly armpits.

I myself was thrust into the pit of a gentleman just the other day while riding the tube and words cannot describe the stench that was spread across my face.

It’s safe to say, commuting gets our goat.

But angry commuters can now relax as a brand have answered our cries of National Fail with a new range of Apple iMessage stickers to take out our train pain on.

Train Delay Stickers – which boasts 47 new images – is £0.79p and it’s set to relieve and vent your commuter rage.

Now, tired, hangry and delayed commuters can let out their angst with an array of hilarious iMessage stickers to capture their every mood.

National Fail, Late Again and even a cow on the tracks – the creative developers have covered every delay situation, including a man pressed uncomfortably against a tube door.

CEO of Puzzle Dan Beasley who created Train Delay Stickers, said: “Commuter rage is real and alive in London and all the major cities in the UK.

“Rail delays are one of Brits major pet peeves.

“No one wants to hear the overhead voice saying there’s delays due to rain, snow or a cow on the tracks.

“Social media rail accounts take a constant battering from angry commuters. But nothing makes a point quite like an image does.

“We’re using emoji’s and stickers to convey everything these days. Sometimes you can have a conversation consisting of just on images.

“Taking such a common annoyance and putting it into pictures felt all too natural.”

And with increased fares, stories reporting delays because of ‘minor frost’ and having to stand, commuters have even more reason to let out their frustration in their conversations… with an image.

The creators have covered just about every commuter issue, including the constant stream of tube strikes.

“Fares are once again on the rise and we’ll never escape the constant frustration in commuting. So to make it a little lighthearted and more bearable, we created these. ”

I guess if we are going to vent, then we might as well vent in style.

Download the 0.79p app Train Delay Stickers from the Apple app store.

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