mSpy SMS tracker : Everything You Need to Know

Do you need to monitor or track your children’s or employees’ text messages? If so, do you know how to track these messages? In short, the simplest way to monitor text messages that are sent and received on a mobile phone is to install an SMS tracker. Ergo, the purpose of an SMS tracker such as mSpy is to monitor and track all SMS text messages that are sent and received. The monitoring and tracking app needs to be installed on the cell phone whose text messages need to be monitored.

What is an SMS?

The Short Messaging Service (SMS) is the “formal name for text messaging.” Its original purpose is to send short (160 characters) text messages to other cell phone users via the cellular network. Currently, text messages can be transmitted over a variety of platforms such as social media messaging apps.

Tracking and monitoring text messages

As described above, there might be a need for you to track family or staff member’s text messages. This is usually for security reasons and to prevent the theft and sale of company secrets.

Before we go any further, it’s vital to know that there are both legal and ethical complexities around the monitoring of third-party private messages. The legalities are relatively straightforward to solve. All you need to do is to ensure that your employees and family members consent to their messages being monitored, and then the legal side is covered.

The ethics of monitoring text messages, on the other hand, needs careful consideration before implementing. The act of surveillance and tracking other people’s conversations implies that you do not trust them. Even though you will explain your reasons, it is very difficult to change people’s feelings. The question that you will have to ask yourself is whether the reasons for the SMS tracking and monitoring override the ethical questions.

How to track and monitor messages

The actual monitoring of the text or SMS messages is simple. All you need to do is to install the third-party spyware onto all the mobile phones that you would like to monitor, set the app up, and then link all the phones to your online management console.

The only caveat is that the cell phones need to have internet access in order to upload all of the text messages you would like to monitor. Finally, you can log in to your web-enabled management console and check both the sent and received text messages at any time. You need to select the mobile phone’s name on your dashboard in order to see the messages linked to the specific phone.

Final words

It is interesting to note that the monitoring of text messages is only one of mSpy’s functions. It is also able to monitor voice calls, social media content, photographs, multimedia message content, online web browsing, online games, chat room conversations, as well as app usage. It is also able to block phone numbers, apps, online sites, as well as social media sites. Finally, the app utilises the phone’s default GPS functionality to keep track of both the phone and the phone’s owner.

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