Mobile security and why we need it

Our world is surrounded by the use of mobile technology. In fact, a research by Smart Insights showed that 80 percent of internet users own smartphones. Most users today depend on mobile phones for their primary research and access. Research from We are Social also showed there were 4.92 billion global mobile users in 2017, which equals to 66 percent of penetration.

This expands the urgency of a proper mobile security system. With the rise of mobile usage, so are the rise of mobile threats. Mobile security itself can be defined as the protection of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other portable computing devices. This system is becoming more and more prominent towards our everyday usage of mobiles. With this, is it important to know exactly why we need mobile security and what are some of the main threats to stay aware of.

Here are some of the main threats you should watch out for.

Losing your device

Losing your device may open doors for any external threats to occur – from hackers to thieves in the black market, especially if your device stores all your private and personal information. This means you need to make sure all your irreplaceable data is accessible anytime anywhere.

Damaging your device

Do not forget to install an automatic mobile backup for all your devices, that way, if something like this happens, you do not need a recovery plan. Always stay prepared of the possibilities.

Social media scams

Scammers are becoming more creative and now accessing different sites in order to contact their baits. Many scammers are using social media to try and fish their targets. These things are usually in the form of fake offers, fake pages, and more. Using a protective mobile security system will help to detect these fake sites and prevent any access towards viruses and scammers.

Running low on battery

If you run out of battery or your battery is running low, it will make it hard to access any information needed. This is why you should come prepared by having an online mobile backup. Do not get too comfortable with your devices, be aware that things just might not go according to plan.

Business and personal information

You should always try to separate your business and personal information. In fact, if you can afford it, two phones might help in this situation. Either way, you will need to backup all your information whether for business or personal. Try to keep things separate though, considering your device will always have a chance of being hacked at any given point.

In general, you will need to constantly backup and prioritize mobile security. It has now become a major part of our lives and needs constant monitoring as a big part of our data access.


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