Mirai Open Source IoT Honeypot: New Cymmetria Research Release

Due to development of technology, we live in an era that home and office appliances can be compromised and used to conduct a cyber attack. This was evident in 2016 whereby a cyber attack was launched using Mirai botnet malware. Mirai mostly affects IoT devices by scanning for open SSH ports or Telnet. Eventually, this destroys the entire system. In that case, Cymmetria did extensive research and developed an open source honeypot for Mirai detection.

Let us look at Mirai open source IoT honeypot, a new cymmetria research release.

Development of Mirai Open Source Honeypot

Mirai open source was developed by a specialist in cymmetria research after the DDoS cyber attack in October. It took them awhile since they had to be careful not to crash Mirai and also considering the fact that it is a bit bulky. After a number of test, development, and consultation, they concluded that the best defense against Mirai attack is developing an open source IoT Mirai honeypot. The Mirai honeypot open source is developed in a manner that it is capable of determining Mirai infection before it attacks an internet appliance.

How does Mirai Honeypot Work

Cymmetria built Mirai Honeypot comes with a number of functionalities.

They include:

  • It is capable of altering parameters so as to identify Mirai in the ports or commands.
  • It can specifically identify the Mirai version including the one used for research based on the request commands on the service.
  • Raises an alarm and report the presence of a syslog server
  • In case, the Mirai has tried to infect the user, it can collect the sample or crash it hence destroying the Mirai.
  • Lastly, it is capable of detecting any incoming connections in any port using telnet. More so, it checks out devices inserted on any of the ports.

How to Access Mirai Open Source IoT Honeypot

The cymmetria designed Mirai IoT honeypot can easily be obtained from the Git in cymmetria website. The Github exhibits different versions of Mirai honeypot, their validity, and the TFTP test. On the site, one can access download and installation instructions. In case, a problem or difficulties emerge as you try to install the program, you can raise its website and get a solution from cymmetria experts. It is easy to use, and it is available to anyone who would consider trying it out. However, like other interaction, low honeypot Mirai open source IoT has some limitations as it tries to emulate its services.

In conclusion, with an increase in cyber attacks, it is good to prevent your appliances to avoid possible disastrous result. This is because “prevention is better than cure.” It is so devastating whenever a business faces a cyber attack like the Mirai attack in 2016. That’s why cymmetria specialist took time to develop a preventive measure. In so doing, they developed Mirai open source IoT honeypot that safeguards any internet appliance against any intrusion by Mirai. It does so by detecting, reporting, taking samples, and crushing the Mirai. This is a great solution to cyber insecurity.

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