Millions of motorists are suffering from ‘parallelophobia’

Millions of motorists are suffering from a fear of parallel parking – or so called ‘parallelophobia’.

Almost a third of drivers admit the prospect of trying to manoeuvre their motor into a parallel space drives them to distraction, and 34 per cent confessed they think it’s the hardest parking technique.

What’s more, over half of drivers have gone past an empty space because it meant they would have had to carry out the procedure they fear the most. Three in ten admit to parking more than a MILE from their destination rather than attempt to parallel park.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at which commissioned the survey of 2,000 drivers to mark the launch of its new parking tool, said: “Parallelophobia is a fear that resonates with many drivers, with some going to great lengths to avoid performing the manoeuvre.

“As one of the more technical parts of driving, it’s understandable why some motorists may be frightened of damaging other cars as well as their own.

“This week drivers everywhere will be hitting the sales and competing for precious parking spaces, so it’s likely that this phobia of parallel parking will be heightened over the period.

“Those who are confident parallel parkers should use their fearlessness to their advantage as it will surely give them the best chance of getting a space during this competitive time.”

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