London rises to the tech

By Faye Loader, Head of  Business Development at The Brewery

London – the financial, digital and property capital of the world – is fast becoming known as THE global technology capital.

Along with its financial prowess, the technology sector has fast become the beating heart of London, bringing in more financial investment during this year’s Q1 – more than in any previous quarter.

To coincide with ‘London Technology Week’, last week, analysts at Oxford Economics issued a report strategy which found:

  • There are now more than 40,000 tech firms in the field
  • The sector itself is now worth £18 billion
  • Has created almost 30,000 jobs in five years
  • It employs 200,000 people
  • Digital technology accounts for almost 3.5% of the Capital’s workforce

As well as record year-on-year visitor numbers coming to our capital, London continues to attract ambitious young professionals and is attracting tech investors and start-ups like never before.

As technology develops, London based companies are having to invest heavily in their own tech infrastructure, particularly within event areas at their venues. At The Brewery on Chiswell Street, we’ve seen the influx of innovative and exciting tech companies in the east of London, including ‘Tech City’, both new and old, who have helped regenerate and bring a buzz back to the area. Developing our own digital infrastructure allows us to meet the needs of forward-thinking companies and individuals looking for more at their event than Twitter walls and free Wi-Fi.

London has fast become the global pacesetter for technological advances, everyone, including us at The Brewery, are doing what we can to keep relevant in such a fast paced market. There is no better place to be right now than London for both technology and innovation. It’s up to everyone else to keep up.

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