Innovations that Will Transform the World in 2017

We currently live in a technological age where continuous improvements allow businesses to enhance their resources significantly, and with a willingness to change it is possible to constantly improve efficiency. With fantastic advancements surfacing in recent times, there are numerous technologies which are expected to arise in 2017, and with examples outlined below for your interest, it is also possible to learn more about innovation at Zicla. Here there is a specific focus on waste management, which is viewed as a business opportunity when the correct level of attention is levied on making places safe and more accessible. This is a promising initiative with a view to the future, and shows that not all businesses are inconsiderable and oblivious to their impact on the environment.

3D printing is firmly establishing itself as a principle, and this follows a period where this notion seemed impossible. Though it hasn’t impacted the everyday user’s life yet, new advancements are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. WATG’s Urban Architecture Studio has revolutionized the process, and plan to create a 75-square-meter home in Tennessee by utilizing cellular fabrication techniques in the construction process. The company has already won the Freeform Home Design Challenge competition, and their innovative plans are set to transcend 3D printing as we know it, while self-sufficient manufacture is becoming increasingly realistic.

The new supersonic jet known as the XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator can travel up to 2,333kph, making it the fastest civil aircraft ever made. This incredible feat is something to look forward to, with its unveiling likely to amaze crowds and plane enthusiasts in general. This fantastic piece of aviation technology is currently set to launch in 2017, and is intended to fly up to 45 passengers from London to New York in under three and a half hours.

Incredibly, a robot is currently under development which is capable of cooking 2,000 recipes. This is known as the robot chef, and will go into production during 2017. This phenomenal technological advancement is set to revolutionize cooking as we know it, utilizing 129 sensors and 20 motors to provide top quality food without the perceived effort that is required from cooking. This advancement is exciting in relation to nutritional intake, and is currently under development with Moley Robotics. The robot chef will replicate the movement of human hands to stir, while pouring and checking the temperature of meals in a human fashion. It will be based on MasterChef winner Tim Anderson as a mentor, and the concept is certainly gaining public attention.

One of the most upcoming feats of architecture to look out for is a 25-meter swimming pool that will sit between two apartment buildings in London. This is part of HAL Architects’ Nine Elms Embassy Gardens development, and the finished product will incredibly be suspended ten stories above the ground. This pioneering design is expected to have the wow factor, where people will wonder at the incredible views while relishing the novelty factor created by this wondrous feat of engineering. The pool will be supported by a 20-centimetre-thick glass bottom, and is set to turn heads as the year progresses.


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