Increase the Usability of Your Smart Card System with Universal JCards

Smart cards can be highly useful in a number of industries to ensure personal security and secure access within your business. With so many different applications available, smart cards can be used to add authentication, grant access to information or facilities and even track attendance depending on your requirements. For businesses that need a high level of security, smart cards have the capability to store personal information to help your business operate at a much smoother rate.

Thanks to developed software technology, like Java Card technology, you are able to carry that personal information around with you while maintaining its security. Java Card technology is the leading platform that allows smart cards and devices to run safely with Java technology-based applications.

With the full potential of smart cards finally being realised, the ability to create Java Card applets was developed. In other words, a subset of Java technology could create applications for the cards and devices, known as applets. On a Java Card platform, multiple applications from various vendors can exist at the same time in a secure environment.

With that in mind, Java Cards are ideal for markets such as banking and public transport that may require multi-applications for their smart card system. Introducing the Universal JCard, powered by Oracle’s very own developed version of Java 3.0.1 as well as Global Platform 2.2.1. But what are the benefits of implementing a Universal JCard system within your business?

Increased Interoperability

The Universal JCard works using an Infineon SLE78 chip, and runs a state-of-the-art operating system, Oracle Java V3.0.1. One of the biggest issues surrounding smart card systems is interoperability, with many different systems not allowing a smooth user experience across different operators. In other words, a smart card that isn’t interoperable may work with one device but not another.

Thanks to improved technology, the Universal JCard has full compliance with standard Java Card designs. This, together with Oracle’s own Java operating system, means that the Universal JCard offers increased operability to benefit businesses and individuals alike. The JCard also benefits from a large memory, so that multiple applications can be stored and used on just one platform.

With Universal JCards available in various formats including contact, contactless and dual interface, you have the choice to implement the one that best suits your needs

Improved Transaction Times

This particular type of smart card can ensure your system works seamlessly, in order to keep your business secure and efficient. Built with a SOLID Flash™ based memory, Universal JCards are faster than traditional cards. With features such as crypto-coprocessors to support the latest security measures, the transaction time can be reduced and help the system to work much smoother than before.

Having this kind of functionality can make a huge difference within our business, especially on projects where time is crucial.

Reducing Risk

Introducing high levels of encryption, the Universal JCard can help you to develop custom applets to accommodate your needs, without worrying about security. The card system is designed to be more secure than other, more traditional cards. It has a twin core, 16-bit CPU that will continuously check for attacks. Data is encrypted at all times, so the risks are instantly reduced when using a Universal JCard.

When security is key, you need a smart card system that will work efficiently and safely so that you can conduct business confidently.

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