How to build a company’s visual identity

How can I create a visual identity for my company?

Visual impressions and visual cues are very important for all people who can see. Visual things like the way somebody is dressed, the way a house is decorated or the color and shape of objects are of enormous significance. Moreover, the first visual impression is the most important one and makes us decide whether we like an object, a person or a particular place. Therefore, you should not neglect the visual identity of your company or your service. The first impression can also be a business card. These cards enable customers to get some brief information about what you do and what your business is about. Online printers like HelloPrint provide all interested business owners and business owners to be with printed products of different kinds. Those comprise: business cards, flyers, posters, brochures and a variety of other printed items.

The visual identity of your company

Setting up your own business requires a lot of planning and extensive marketing to introduce you and your services to potential customers. One important aspect is the visual identity of your business. Here are some facts and ideas that might help you to build a visual identity.

  1. Logo

A logo is a very important factor, when it comes to marketing and to being different and distinctive. Just remember how many famous brands are immediately recognizable by their logos and slogans. The crocodile of Lacoste, the Mercedes Star or the jumping puma of Puma Sportswear are just a few of many examples. Creating your own logo will also make you differ from your competitors.

  1. Premises

When planning to move into your premises you should know what kind of people and customers you want to attract and what your target group is. Decorating and furnishing your premises and rooms should be in accordance with your target group. Do you want to make your premises a hip place for young people with colorful design and neon lights? Or are you focusing on older customers and a traditional and more sophisticated atmosphere? The layout, design and the colors you use are very important for the first impression.

  1. Clothes

The clothes of your workers and employees can also give away what you and your business have to offer. Embroidery on the uniforms of hotel staff, shirts with print for a pizza service or blue boiler suits for a plumber company help people to recognize what business field you are working in.

  1. Advertising

A first visual impression of you and your business is also possible, when you offer leaflets or brochures to introduce you to customers or prospective buyers. Detailed descriptions and attractively presented photos, underline your company profile and help customers with the decision to buy or use your services.

  1. Product display

The way you arrange your products on the shelves or the way they are wrapped up has also an important influence on customers´ decisions. An attractive packaging and a well chosen brand name and logo are essential to make your products distinctive and popular at the same time.

These tips can make it easier to start setting up your own business and to find the right way to present yourself on the market. By the way, the way a company presents itself is also called “the corporate identity or the corporate design.”

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